Overly Animated Podcast Restructuring

By: Dylan Hysen


Happy New Year everyone! After years of moving forward with a similar format, we’re switching things up for the podcast.

The headline is: We’re going to stop doing episode recap podcasts, and we’re going to focus on more high-level discussions.

The immediate change you’ll see is no episode recap podcasts which will result in less podcasts. However, we’ll still be covering the same shows, the podcast will still generally be similar, we’ll just be structuring our discussions in different ways. We think this new structure will result in more interesting discussions, and we’ll be better equipped to cover shows with a wide variety of release formats.

Here are the types of podcasts you’ll see instead of episode recaps:

  • Season recaps! We’ll still be discussing seasons as a whole when a show we cover wraps up its season. So you’ll see an Infinity Train Season 2 recap podcast but not nightly podcasts this week. When the next season of She-Ra drops we’ll have a podcast on the whole season soon after it comes out like normal (but no proceeding episode recaps).
  • Podcasts at regular intervals for certain shows: This is the replacement model for episode recaps for weekly shows (or others) we still want to talk about regularly while they’re airing. We won’t discuss all the shows we cover on a regular basis, but in the short term look out for Miraculous Ladybug every-other-week podcasts starting sometime in the next two months, and Owl House podcasts monthly (after we do a special podcast for the premiere this weekend). These will be high-level discussions on anything about the show. If there are episodes to talk about we’ll talk about them generally, but we can also talk about general topics surrounding the show or any news about the show.
  • Show-specific topics: If something is on our mind about a show, even if we’re not podcasting on it regularly, we might do a podcast to discuss a specific topic whenever! Likely something we’re passionate about like Bumbleby with RWBY.
  • Cross-show or movie topics: This is the one we’re most excited about and hope to do a lot more: A trend in the industry, a trend in a social issue (we definitely want to do queer rep topics more than once a year), or some theme we notice across a few shows. This could really be anything involving animation.

Some exceptions to no more episode recaps: First, we still could do one if there’s an episode we’re super excited to talk about! Also, Steven Universe Future may or may not continue with episode recaps until its completion (if not we’d have every-other-week podcasts when it comes back). We’ll finish out Volume 7 recaps for RWBY since it’s almost over. We may finish out the She-Ra S4 recaps we almost finished. And we can still do pods on a single movie, whether it’s recently released or not!

We’re excited to continue to talk about a lot of awesome animated shows and movies in a format we think will work better. As always reach out with any feedback you have on the podcast!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.


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