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  • Hidden Gems: Kappa Mikey

    Hidden Gems: Kappa Mikey

    LilyMu is your standard run-of-the-mill shounen anime. The series stars: Mikey, the headstrong, plucky hero, Lily, the sweet, charming damsel-in-distress, Mitsuki, the tough, fearless woman, and Guano, the cute creature who can only say his name. Together they fight against […]

  • Hidden Gems: Robotomy

    Hidden Gems: Robotomy

    We’re diving really deep with this one. In 2010 Cartoon Network launched a new show starring Patton Oswalt. The show was ordered for a twelve episode season but it was cancelled after only ten. Robotomy remains one of the least […]

  • Hidden Gems: Stoked

    Hidden Gems: Stoked

    Fresh TV inc. is primarily known for creating the massive fan hit Total Drama as well as 6teen. Even their show Grojband enjoyed mild success. One show however always seems to be forgotten: Stoked.┬áThe show centered on six teenagers who […]

  • Hidden Gems: Code Lyoko

    Hidden Gems: Code Lyoko

    When we think about great cartoons from the mid-2000’s many people turn straight to Avatar: The Last Airbender. While that is a truly incredible show there was another show over on Cartoon Network that was doing something amazing. I’ve praised […]