Hidden Gems: Robotomy

By: Justin Cummings


We’re diving really deep with this one. In 2010 Cartoon Network launched a new show starring Patton Oswalt. The show was ordered for a twelve episode season but it was cancelled after only ten. Robotomy remains one of the least known of Cartoon Network’s shows, coming during a time of several quickly cancelled shows such as The Problem Solverz and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. It was designed to blur the line between Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, being not inappropriate for kids to see, but definitely aimed at an older audience. I’ve seen the show several times over and still stand by it being brilliant and if it were released today it would be wildly successful.

The basic plot revolves around Thrasher and Blastus, two robots at Harry S. Apocalypse High. It’s your standard high school sitcom, but with ridiculous amounts of mayhem and destruction. You have all the stereotypes, Thrasher and Blastus being the nerds, Maimy being the popular girl, Megawatt being the jock, and Weenus being the even bigger nerd. The show is basically a lampoon, and it does a great job. In its ten episodes it deals with such plots as babysitting, standardized testing, and field trips: all normal sitcom plots, but with more explosions and carnage. When the show wasn’t parodying high school sitcoms it was parodying pop culture, ripping of things such as Tickle Me Elmo and The Lorax with Tickle Me Psycho (played by Gilbert Gottfried) and The Gore-ax (played by Lewis Black). Those two weren’t the only big names they brought in though, the show also managed to get appearances from Eliza Dushku, Jack McBrayer, and even Lil Jon (YEAH!).

It’s a fun show, and the whole thing can be binged in less than two hours. It’s worth seeing just to know the show that got away and wonder if it would be able to make it today.

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