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  • Fall Anime Mid-Season Review

    Fall Anime Mid-Season Review

    Dylan Hysen, Andy Potter, John McKenna, & Michael Smith discuss all the animes they’re watching from the current Fall 2018 season at its mid-way point. Shows covered include: Zombie Land Saga, Bloom Into You, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl […]

  • Anime Apocalypse: Fall 2018 Season Review

    Anime Apocalypse: Fall 2018 Season Review

    Well it’s that time of year again, when the leaves change color, the air gets cooler, pumpkin spice inexplicably dominates the food markets, and giant robots fight each other. Yes that’s right, it’s Fall Anime Season, which means a bunch […]

  • Mathematical! An Adventure Time Series Episode Ranking

    Mathematical! An Adventure Time Series Episode Ranking

    Adventure Time is a seminal work in the history of animation, it’s influence on modern animation is vast, work as varied as critical darling Steven Universe to newcomer Summer Camp Island probably wouldn’t even exist without this show. Fortunately much has already […]

  • Gravity Falls Ranktrospective

    Gravity Falls Ranktrospective

    In honor of the release of the Gravity Falls: The Complete Series DVD, I decided it was high time for a ranktrospective on the series as a whole. What exactly IS a ranktrospective I hear you ask? Well it’s sort […]

  • Top 25 Star Butterfly Outfits

    Top 25 Star Butterfly Outfits

    Here I’ll be ranking the Top 25 best outfits worn by one Star Butterfly over the course of the entirety of Star vs. the Forces of Evil (as of the end of Season 3). Now some of you may be […]

  • Top 10 RWBY Hugs

    Top 10 RWBY Hugs

    This is an entirely scientific and factually accurate subjective ranking of the Top 10 hugs in RWBY and therefore empirically correct unless you happen to disagree with my opinion. Welcome to this very important and completely necessary article that I’m sure […]