Catradora Discussion – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

By: Beatriz Mourad


Beatriz Mourad, Sam Quattro, and Hayley Nabuurs discuss the angst that is Catradora (AdoraxCatra).


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  1. Tatiana Rauch January 13, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    I always interpet Adora and Catra relationship as the were childhood best friends who are starting to have romantic feelings for each other. Personally I did ship them but I feel that the problematic issues between them are to big of an issue to ship them. As a fan I do love that the is bringing up these very dark issues to the show but I feel that these issues need to be address for me I can’t ship these for the fact that Catra was emotionally and maybe physically abuse by Shadow Weaver because she favor Adora granted it wasn’t Adora’s fault but all of Catra’s insecurities her doubts stems from Adora even with time and therapy there will always be a small part of her that will feel that. Also there is a big thing is the intent the abuse that Catra endure Adora never intent that to happen actually I feel Shadow Weaver on some level abuse Adora but she never wanted to hurt Catra however Catra did intended to physically hurt Adora and her friends she left Adora to die in the promise episode Catra has done a lot of terrible things on her own intent I feel that with these big issues these 2 should not be in a romantic relationship at best they could repair their friendship but as a romantic relationship the show will have do something big to convince me especially since IF this is supposed to be a cannon main character LGBT couple. My boyfriend and I are both bi and we love this show for the representation but again if the show is showing Catradora as a cannon romantic relationship they need to address all this problematic baggage mostly because I would hate for them to get together and everyone watching thinking that problematic baggage is ok especially on Catra’s end and especially if this is the big LGBT couple of the show I rather the show end with them trying to salvage their friendship at this point in the show at least that’s how I feel


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