Lion 4: Alternate Ending LEAK Reactions (Steven Universe) – Overly Animated Podcast #345

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Sam Quattro discuss the recently leaked episode of Steven Universe, “Lion 4: Alternate Ending”. Spoilers for the episode here and in the comments!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Pindar says:

    If Rose didn’t know whether she was having a son or daughter before becoming Steven, how did she know which video tape to leave in her desert trash dump and which to put in Lion’s mane? Did someone else put the tapes where they needed to be?

  2. EnigmaBerry says:

    My first though at the start of this episode was, why is Steven suddenly so gung-ho about getting answers about Rose and her plan for him? He’s never exhibitied this kind of inquisitiveness. Why hasn’t Steven brough out each and every item in Lions mane and insisted Greg and the Crystal gems tell him everything they know about them? (Though I think so explicitly showing us the chest this ep means it’s definitely getting opened this season)

    You can’t suddenly have Steven be so aggressively seeking out information, when he’s conspicuously not been asking any of the right questions this whole time.

    One thing this episode did do for me is settle the issue of Steven’s genetics a little bit.

    I always thought there was a possibility that Steven was just effectively a clone of Greg, but with powers from having the Rose Quartz gem.

    But the fact that Rose didn’t know whether her child would be a boy or girl seems to mean that’s not the case.

    Assuming of course that Rose had any conception at all of how this process would work. What did Rose know? What made her think this was possible in the first place? How did she know Steven and her couldn’t exist at the same time? Did she just intuit that during the pregnancy? When did Greg find out about that?

    All great questions. You know, they should really do an episode where Steven is really gung-ho about getting answers about Rose and her plan for him sometime.

  3. Alex says:

    I’ve been back and forth since I saw this. Initially, I was of the belief that this went too hard at manipulating for #FEELZ without really providing substantial closure or information. Then the Discourse got me to start coming around on it. But now with your discussion, I think I feel like this was meant to be a bookend, but feels more like a penultimate chapter, a winding down before something else occurs. Only thing is that I have no inkling as to what comes next in the Steven-Rose storyline, and any “twist”, without the proper buildup, is going to feel like it makes these episodes (Storm in the Room and Lion 4) even more unnecessary than they currently feel now.

    Dang, you didn’t remember the chest! That’s a key part of the “Lion is powered by PD’s shards” theory!

    Just to clarify, the beginning of the video was the same, but this version of the video was longer and had more of Rose wondering what her child would be like before catching herself rambling. So nothing particularly substantial, but it is different from the video we saw in Lion 3.

    So yeah, we’re back into the S4 rut, I thought Room For Ruby was the start of a kick back into action. Well, we’ll have to see if we end with a StevenBomb to set up S5. That’s the only way I can imagine SU can return to its S3 glory.


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