Miraculous Ladybug Origins Parts 1 & 2 – Overly Animated Podcast #190

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Delaney Stovall discuss Parts 1 and 2 of the Miraculous Ladybug Origins episodes!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Vivian says:

    Hi, I recently listened to your miraculous ladybug origins podcast and I very much enjoyed it. I would however like to make the comment about the guardian, or Master fu. The fact that he is very old is mentioned. It could be the truth for all super heroes, or it could be the particular miraculous he has. Master Fu’s miraculous is assumed to be a turtle. Perhaps the turtle grants him powers of longevity, given that turtles can live up to 200 years. Additionally, we can assume the miraculous’ powers can be represented by one word descriptions. For example, the ladybug is “creation” the black cat is “destruction”, and the fox is “illusion” (the fox is assumed since Lila gains the supposed same powers that the fox would give someone). My headcanon is that hawkmoth’s is “transformation”, given that butterflies go through metamorphosis, which is a transformation, and he can transform people into villains. I think that would make the most sense. Furthermore on the one word description, my theory on the turtle miraculous is that it grants the power of “protection”. This would make sense since the turtle is famous for its shell, which most can retreat into for safety. This would also make sense since Master Fu is the guardian of the other miraculouses, protecting them until he gives them away. The possesser of the turtle could take on that responsibility. Another theory with A bit less evidence is that the turtle miraculous weapon is a shield (most likely with the appearance of a turtle shell). Thanks if you read this and I hope you take it into consideration. 🙂

  2. PhantomPearl says:

    I was happy to hear that you guys will continue weekly discussions. You can even have the chance to use some of the screencaps that didn’t get chosen before, even a photoshopped Marinette and Alya in that thought bubble from the end of Animan that you didn’t get to select. Here are some future topic ideas:

    * Speculate what the first few regular non-holiday season 2 episodes could potentially include (Marinette being told stuff by The Guardian, when and how will Adrien get told about that same stuff, what Hawkmoth could do next and does it involve him thinking about who Cat Noir is, what will the show be like now that practically everyone has gotten akumatized before, or whatever new info we ever do get to base off on, etc.).
    * Speculate on the different ways Marinette, Adrien, as well as both at same time, find out about the other’s identity. Whether they’d tell the other that they know, their reactions, how they would talk about it, would they have been romantically together already when it happened, etc. (I personally love my idea of how wonderful it would be for the characters if, when they find out, Marinette tells Adrien that she has a crush on him and Adrien’s excited and then Marinette explains to him that she’s not very fond of how he interacts with her when he’s Cat Noir and he realizes how he had messed his chances a little and starts to mature a little so they might start a relationship on better ground.)
    * The progressiveness of the show and how it could be more.
    * All the great same-sex ships there are and how they’ve been portrayed/interacted so far. All the pairings in general throughout the season. What are some ways we can see them getting together in the future including Marinette/Adrien and their variants.
    * The miraculouses and the kwamis, their functions and how they work, what we know so far of their history/importance, and Hawkmoth’s power over others.
    * Whether Chloe looks to still be on track toward being redeemed or whatever like you predicted early on.
    * Any new info and stuff that could potentially come from any conventions in the future.
    * The show was originally produced to be a 2D anime and you can see the original trailer they made here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlwV3scCgAM and you can talk about the ways the two versions compare and how the show we had been seeing changed from the original. (P.S. that character is in fact not Adrien but an entirely different person named Felix.)
    * The current and future merchandise (I’m not requiring you to buy in order to talk about them) and the comic books that will be released. (Also for the lulz how you would feel if you were given the ~5″ Tikki plushie that’s released soon.)
    * I found your Hawkmoth impressions hilarious, it would be so great if you guys can do what you apparently did in the early FTSW days and do some scripted roleplaying, acting out whatever you want, parodies and other ridiculousness, some things you would want to see on the show, your own sort of episodes played out, scenarios from speculations, etc.

    About what was brought up earlier, I disagree about there being no reason for people like Marinette’s parents to know about her/their secret identity. Say one of those people get akumatized and that could very well happen, they could end up responding to Hawkmoth with something like I know who it is I can take you right to ’em since they’re virtually out of their own control and now Hawkmoth would know and danger escalates long-term for as long as he is still a villain. Even if they can somehow suppress any of the fighting kinda like what Evillustrator or Pixelator were attempting, Hawkmoth might demand to know why and maybe they let slip that it’s because they’re their child or whatever.

    And a little something worth mentioning about the previous episode, I just found it to be a really interesting scene comparison between the sort of sacrifices in Animan and Volpina. Ladybug jumping into the dinosaur’s mouth while Cat Noir is freaked out but she’s safe – Adrien not actually in danger from Volpina but Ladybug freaks out and could’ve given up her miraculous; Cat Noir hugging Ladybug instead of fist-bumping – Ladybug insisting on checking that Adrien’s all right and they lean upon the same door; Both the hugging and door-leaning were in relief among other emotions. So they both got the chance of being very emotional on how they felt when they saw the other in danger even though those things were all part of some plan or whatever all along and it got played both ways after all so it wasn’t only Cat Noir not realizing he should’ve trusted her.

  3. John aka Resender aka Johnny Bravo says:

    ok congrats on finishing season 1
    now a few observations you guys might have missed 🙂

    1)If we count the orgin story as 1 episode this is at least the 3th time we saw master Fu during the season, the first time we saw him there was no interaction with the character.
    2)In the english dub Hawkmoth several times say he needs the Miraculous’s to rule the world, however the French version never mentions this, just that he needs the powers.
    3)In Hawkmoth broche,his Miraculous there is a picture, have a second look at it.
    4)The mistake Fu made could have simply meant that it was a mistake to stop looking for the ‘butterfly/moth’ Miraculous, believing it had been lost permanently.
    5)Hawkmoth says to his quami, don’t forget who saved you, which means that Hawkmoth found the Miraculous most likely by accident found the peacock after but realised he didn’t have the right ones for his goal.

    As a final note, Marinette’s mother,was she a tourist or was she a Chinese expat living in France
    Also posting this on the youtube channel to get some discussiong going.
    And now waiting for season 2.

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