The Puppeteer (Miraculous Ladybug) – Overly Animated Podcast #151

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Delaney Stovall discuss episode 18 of Miraculous Ladybug, “The Puppeteer”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Katie says:

    The internal logic to identifying people is sometimes confusing, but they’re usually pretty good about it by items, behaviors, or saying things from situations that only certain characters are aware of (like they were able to deduce it was Chloe in Antibug because she talked about how she helped them defeat Vanisher). I do wish they would play up with how people don’t see Marinette as Ladybug more though.

    I also think it’s pretty funny how Marinette has these dolls, but I kind of figured that she might have made them for Manon to play with when she babysits her. Though it was implied that people do make merchandise off of Ladybug in the show before.

    Also I know you had asked this in your last podcast about the extent of Ladybug’s powers when she restores everything, but yes, the creator had stated that she could potentially bring people back from the dead.

    Anyways I enjoy your podcasts!

  2. Don says:

    Quick fact:
    Hawk Moth does akumatize alot of other people, we just only hear or see really short snippets of them here and there in the background.
    I think the reason why we never see them is because the writers want (for the most part) to focus the stories of the people near them, and people the audience see more often, rather than strangers.

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      I think this is a pretty interesting concept, certainly one that hasn’t been supported on the show up to episode 18.. the natural question is who is deakoumatizing them but I have a general idea of some things from upcoming episodes so that could be answered. Will be interesting to see how the show handles it… I doubt even with a potential future plot advancement that it will logically satisfy this (how have we not heard about it on the show up until this point???) but we’ll see.

      • theBSDude says:

        I don’t know what you mean by “we haven’t heard about it.” In the opening to The Pharaoh, Alya is filming “Ladybug in action” against an Akuma that we don’t see directly.

        There’s also possible limitation of Papillion you seem to be overlooking in Antibug: he akumatized Sabrina a full day before Chloe,

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