Hilda Season 3 Review

By: Dylan Hysen


It’s the final season of the incredible show Hilda and we talked all about Season 3 and the show as a whole looking back.

Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen & Delaney Stovall.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Anthony Fiato says:

    I watched the entire 3rd season on the day it came out and it was incredible. There were a lot of interesting things that I saw such but my favorite part of this was Johanna unlocking her ability to fly.

    However, I was also in deep thought about Hilda season 3 and I felt conflicted on whether the series should continue on a little further or conclude with The Fairy Isles.

    One side of me really wants the series to continue as there are many more interesting adventures and creatures to see make an appearance. It was cool to see fan favorite characters such as Raven and Kaisa make an appearance but I thought they would have more screen time and episodes with them having major roles. I am in the career of becoming a Screen Writer and I have some ideas to make a revival for the series.

    On the other side of me thinks that Hilda had the most heart warming and flawless endings to the series “The Fairy Isle”. If Hilda did get a revive then I’m nervous that it would move on from the events of Season 3 and make it (and the Fairy Isle episode) lose their spotlight. Another part would see that the spotlight of the revival will no longer mainly be on one of my personal favorite character Johanna; She had a whole season and arc that talks about her struggles with her family and how she needs to overcome them (well almost all of them). It would be sad that she would no longer be the main focus character and it would be difficult to try to give her another story arc about herself. I’m also worried that a revival could end up with an unexpected result as it might become an MCU Multiverse Saga problem.

    So far if Hilda ever got a revive, I’d hope Johanna would have another story arc along with main and major roles in episodes. But either way the Season was at it’s peak as it and I would give it a 10/10.

  2. Anthony Fiato says:

    I watched all of Season 3 of Hilda in the day it came out and I thought it was the most incredible season out of the previous 2 and the movie. My favorite part of it all was Johanna unlocking her power to fly.

    I’ve also been in deep thought about the series on whether it should continue on a little further with a revive or end with The Fairy Isle.

    On one side says that it should go a little further as Hilda is a beloved series that could bring new adventures, creatures, and stories and that several elements were not fully included in the finale or in some of the Season 3 episodes. A minor element would be Kaisa (a fan favorite by the public) who was seen in cameos of the season and it was sad to not see her have a major role (but she was included in it). There were also 6 extra planned episodes (by Mercury Filmworks) that didn’t make it onto the series but it’s not never too late to throw away those ideas.

    The other side was worried that it would move on from Season 3 (and leave it behind) as it talks about one of my personal favorite characters; The Fairy Isle is the peak episode that talks about the Johanna’s origin and if Hilda got a revive and a Season 4, it would cause the character to lose they’re spotlight and be brought behind like The Mountain King. The Fairy Isle is also a flawless episode, especially for a finale where it brings almost all of the elements together (even in the credits) and a revival, spin-off, or sequel series would result in something unexpected.

    If Hilda does come back, I would hope to see Johanna having more main roles as she did in Season 3 and hopefully her getting another perfect story arc because that would be very interesting to see.

    Also awesome podcast of recapping Hilda.

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