Winners: 2021 OVA-ies TV Animation Awards

By: Dylan Hysen


The results are in for our 2021 OVA-ies TV Animation Awards! After 268 votes cast, the winners in five categories have been determined.

The Owl House was the big winner this year, taking home Best Show in addition to Luz for Best Main Character and Amity for Best Supporting Character. Amphibia won Best Episode for “True Colors” and Centaurworld won Best New Show.

How the results were calculated: final placement was determined by an averaging of the percentages of the Open Vote and the Internal Vote of our patrons and staff. The intent of this is to balance the popularity contest aspect of the Open Vote with more of an expert opinion from our internal community.

Best Animated Show of 2021

Winner: The Owl House

Show Average% Open Vote Internal
The Owl House 27.20% 41.90% 12.50%
Miraculous Ladybug 22.40% 13.50% 31.30%
Arcane 19.60% 14.20% 25.00%
Amphibia 15.75% 12.70% 18.80%
Centaurworld 13.20% 13.90% 12.50%
Invincible 1.85% 3.70% 0.00%

Past winners: 2020-Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts; 2019-Steven Universe; 2018-Steven Universe; 2017-Rick and Morty; 2016-Steven Universe

Best Animation Episode of 2021

Winner: “True Colors”, Amphibia

Episode Average% Open Vote Internal
“True Colors”, Amphibia 26.45% 34.10% 18.80%
“Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door”, The Owl House 21.00% 29.50% 12.50%
“The Last Lullaby”, Centaurworld 19.80% 20.80% 18.80%
“Wishmaker”, Miraculous Ladybug 13.00% 7.20% 18.80%
“Where I Really Come From”, Invincible 11.85% 4.90% 18.80%
“The Endings”, Castlevania 7.95% 3.40% 12.50%

Past winners: 2020-“Save the Cat”, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power; 2019- “Change Your Mind”, Steven Universe; 2018-“A Single Pale Rose”, Steven Universe; 2017-”Tales from the Citadel”, Rick and Morty; 2016-“Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls”, Gravity Falls

Best Animation Main Character of 2021

Winner: Luz, The Owl House

Character Average% Open Vote Internal
Luz, The Owl House 43.15% 48.80% 37.50%
Anne, Amphibia 22.55% 13.80% 31.30%
Horse, Centaurworld 15.50% 18.50% 12.50%
Marinette, Miraculous Ladybug 13.80% 8.80% 18.80%
Craig, Craig of the Creek 3.25% 6.50% 0.00%
Artemis, Young Justice: Phantoms 1.75% 3.50% 0.00%

Past winners: 2020-Lake, Infinity Train; 2019-Tulip, Infinity Train; 2018-Marinette, Miraculous Ladybug; 2017-Star Butterfly, Star vs. the Forces of Evil; 2016-Pearl, Steven Universe

Best Animation Supporting Character of 2021

Winner: Amity, The Owl House

Character Average% Open Vote Internal
Amity, The Owl House 41.05% 50.80% 31.30%
Alya, Miraculous Ladybug 21.45% 11.60% 31.30%
Susie, Summer Camp Island 14.25% 9.70% 18.80%
Comfortable Doug, Centaurworld 8.75% 11.20% 6.30%
Libby, The Ghost and Molly McGee 8.65% 6.20% 11.10%
Sasha, Amphibia 5.25% 10.50% 0.00%

Past winners: 2020-Amity, The Owl House; 2019-Scorpia, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power; 2018-Lotor, Voltron: Legendary Defender; 2017-Diana Cavendish, Little Witch Academia; 2016-Peridot, Steven Universe

Best New Animated Show of 2021

Winner: Centaurworld

Show Average% Open Vote Internal
Centaurworld 38.20% 32.60% 43.80%
Arcane 32.70% 34.10% 31.30%
Invincible 14.85% 10.90% 18.80%
The Ghost and Molly McGee 8.60% 10.90% 6.30%
What If…? 5.25% 10.50% 0.00%
Q-Force 0.60% 1.20% 0.00%

Past winners: 2020-The Owl House; 2019-Infinity Train; 2018-She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.


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