S1 Finale Reactions – The Owl House

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Sarah Dolman, Aly Martin, & Michelle Anderer react to the big The Owl House Season 1 finale with episodes “Agony of a Witch” & “Young Blood, Old Souls”!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Khang says:

    So Edna turn into an owl beast.

  2. Khang says:

    So Ed’s got turned into an owlbeast very odd.

  3. Ben says:

    My Amity take: I think the writers do consider her to be an important character: she’s been featured in that triptych of important characters in the show’s intro since the beginning, alongside Willow and Gus. She’s been in almost as many episodes as they have, and she’s been a primary character in seven episodes, which is more than even Willow. Like, episode 3 is all about Willow and Amity (and is our introduction to them), and then the next one of those characters to get major screen time and story beats is… Amity, in episode 4 (Covention). So I don’t think they consider Amity’s character development to be a secondary element of the show.

    For that reason, I think it made a lot of narrative sense to write her out of the finale. Would we really want the development of Amity’s relationship with Luz to be the B-plot, competing with an already dense narrative? The A-plot in these last two episodes took up so much screen time that they didn’t really even *have* a B-plot (the thing with Willow and Gus rallying the citizens to defend Eda doesn’t really count, as that was, like, one scene).

    I think that when we get more development of the Lumity storyline, it’s going to be the A-plot of its own episode (like Grom), and that will be better than trying to shoehorn it into an episode where it gets overshadowed by the angst and drama of a season finale storyline. I suspect that the writers gave us those brief glimpses of Amity in both episodes specifically as a way of saying “Relax–we haven’t forgotten about Amity!”

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