“Together Forever” & “Growing Pains” Discussion – Steven Universe Future

By: Alex Bonilla


Alex Bonilla, Michelle Anderer & Maddie Potter do a deep dive on the themes of trauma, rejection and moving forward in life as presented in the latest episodes of Steven Universe: Future, “Together Forever” and “Growing Pains”.

Customer service and data cleanup guy for Sports-Reference, Alex finds solace in emotionally resonant television and bad puns. Also a member of the r/stevenuniverse moderation team.


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  1. Tatiana Rauch says:

    I adore these episodes even though they hurt so badly. But I have to bring up Greg being a bad parent I seriously have to disagree with that. Like yeah, I think he should have been more involved as possible but I don’t feel like there was a way for him to place any limits or make more human connections with Steven, especially early on. If anything this is more the gems fault I mean the gems straight up dismiss anything to do with Greg then. I’m sure Greg may have mention taking Steven to the doctor or to school but the gem just might have brushed him off was convinced that Steven wouldn’t be helped by traditional human medicine. Also if you think about how would normal humans outside of beach city in the early seasons react to Steven at a doctors office or at a school?
    Also during Steven’s trauma flashback I’m surprise they didn’t show the part of 3 gems and a baby where the gems they straight up kidnapped Steven and Pearl almost tried removing his gem. Like, they were horrific early on in only focusing on the gem side. Greg has had to co-parent with them for the longest time they basically hating him and Greg probably feeling guilty that he’s responsible for taking Rose away so it makes sense he falling back on certain things besides the gems dismissing him anytime Greg did get involve in gem stuff he gets hurt or kidnapped I still remember in the episode Full Disclosure Greg had a full on panic attack after Steven told him what happened.
    If anything these episodes reaffirms for me that Greg is a good dad especially when Greg is talking down Steven. Cuz honestly I don’t think the gems would be capable to do so in the way Greg did. Ok I’m gonna bring up some leaked audio that kinda proves this so *Spoilers* There’s some audio where Steven goes pink and the gems try to force him to stop and their not really comforting him and ignoring his feelings telling him to stop and Steven rages at them. There’s a post I’ll link it where the gems don’t really seem to know or be interested in Steven’s feelings. https://universallywriting.tumblr.com/post/190221577928/angry-steven-essay-1-ignoring-your-kids-and-the

    The gems tend to brush off some of Stevens emotions like he’s having a tantrum where Greg doesn’t. Greg isn’t the perfect parent did he mess up in places yeah he did and knowing him he’ll admit that but concerning for the longest time he had to co-parent with people who for the most part out right hated him and didn’t let him have a lot of say in raising Steven I’m not surprise Greg made some mistakes but I don’t think he’s a bad parent or the source of Steven’s PTSD. Greg left his tour to be with him the gems however haven’t really been there for Steven emotionally if anything Steven has been a parent to the gems.

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