“Out in the Open” Recap – RWBY

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Hayley Nabuurs, & Sarah Potter recap Episode 10 of RWBY Volume 7, “Out in the Open”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Jon says:

    So, I’m combining some of your crazy ideas with some of my own to make an ending for the season.

    Ironwood beats Watts and takes his super hacking rings for safe keeping.

    Qrow and Clover find Tyrion. Qrow tries to get Clover to back off, but Clover kisses him and says, “Don’t worry. Luck’s on our side.” He rushes in to fight Tyrion, but due to Qrow’s semblance, he unluckily trips over his own feet directly onto Tyrion’s tail. He says, “I guess my luck’s run out,” and dies on the spot. Qrow goes berserk, uses his scythe to cut off Tyrion’s tail, and then kills Tyrion with his Tyrion’s own tail. (Sarah Potter pauses the video to begin preparing a Tyrion’s tail rant.) Qrow then grabs a bottle from a bar and wanders off into the distance.

    Meanwhile, Neo disguises herself as Winter. Neo/Winter then sneaks into the Winter Maiden’s room. Neo/Winter kills the old woman with a pillow. Because she’s disguised as Winter, the Maiden powers become very confused and go into Neo. Alarms go off, alerting Ironwood to the death.

    Neo then goes to the Atlas vault to use her new maiden powers to get the Atlas relic. Ironwood radios Qrow and says, “You’re the only one in position to stop Neo!” Qrow is lying in an alley surrounded by bottles. He lifts his head to try to acknowledge the order, but throws up and passes out.

    Ironwood realizes that Qrow’s useless and uses Watts hacking rings to take control of the Arena. Just as Neo and Cinder are taking the Atlas relic, Ironwood is piloting the Arena towards Atlas. The relic is removed, and just before Atlas falls on Mantle, Ironwood uses the Arena to shunt Atlas to the side, saving Mantle. Atlas is grounded, but miraculously none of the civilians die. Atlas crushes the Arena, killing Ironwood.

    Qrow wakes up and realizes that he’s responsible for the death of Clover, the fall of Atlas and the death of Ironwood. He grabs another bottle.

    In the aftermath and celebration of everyone not being killed, Oscar and Ruby awkwardly kiss. (Hayley Nabuurs throws up a little bit in her own mouth.) Oscar gives the lamp back to Ruby. As Ruby walks away, she transforms into Neo and smiles evilly. The music swells, and we’re set up for Season 8.

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