Season 3 Recap – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, Michelle Anderer, Sam Quattro, & April Collins recap and react to the entire Season 3 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Taylor Cooper says:

    Beatriz was right.

  2. Not Beatriz says:

    Beatriz was right.

  3. Tatiana Rauch says:

    Also sidenote my boyfriend and I are black and bi so I know how important representation is especially queer representation and the show has done a great job of that and also how they treat friendships as important I might be a Glimadora shipper but if the show one day says that their only friends I’ll be ok with that because friendship are important (and magic). How I see explicit representation is something you can’t explain away as not queer and the show did show explicit representation with Bow’s dads in season 2 the show didn’t say bow’s dad and his friend or bow’s dad and his step dad they clearly said his dads and they were very loving and caring with each other they didn’t need to make out on screen to convey that their a loving couple

  4. Tatiana Rauch says:

    This season was really awesome personally my favorite season. Now on the issue of Catradora honestly I was already shaky on them as a ship but after this season I’m definitely believe that Catra and Adora should not be in a romantic relationship. Catra definitely should not be in any type of relationship she’s way too toxic and self destructive at this point in time. I think I mention in one of the podcast that both Catra and Adora were abused by Shadow Weaver in different ways. Catra’s abuse was direct and Adora’s was more indirect how it created a riff between them and how they really shouldn’t be together because all of Catra‚Äôs insecurities her doubts stems from Adora even with time and therapy there will always be a small part of her that will feel those insecurities. Plus the intent Adora never intended to hurt Catra but Catra has intended to hurt Adora and everyone around her.
    This season proved that on a massive scale and the chance of her getting redeemed to me are extremely slim people keep mentioning Zuko’s redemption arc but his arc didn’t stem from a personal vendetta against Aang he wanted to capture him and regain his honor also when Zuko was an enemy he already has some honorable traits and his Uncle Iroh’s guidance that kept him from being like Azula. I feel that I need to bring up even when Zuko betrays Iroh even before that he never killed anyone Azula did yeah Katara brought Aang back but Azula did kill him and lied and said that Zuko did. My point as far as Adora, Glimmer, and everyone else knows Glimmer’s mom is dead because she had made a choice to save reality because Catra made the portal just to spite Adora. I don’t think Queen Angella is dead she’s probably stuck in another dimension or something and they probably can bring her back but in show as far everyone one knows Queen Angella is dead and it’s Catra’s fault.
    Not to mention how destructive Catra is with other people especially with Scorpia who side note deserve so much better she gave so much to Catra she had the chance to live in the wastelands with Scorpia but no also something that really raise major red flags that Scorpia was trying to talk to Catra and Catra physically pushing her face out of the way and not to mention knocking out Entrapta and leaving her to beast island to die and screwing up her weird but kinda sweet partnership with Hordak. I’ll get into it more when you do the episode reviews but in short Catra is toxic and has serious issues and should not be in any type of relationship.

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