“Change Your Mind” Feedback – Steven Universe

By: Justin Cummings


Justin Cummings, Andy Potter, & Beatriz Mourad take your comments and questions on the huge Steven Universe Season 5 finale, “Change Your Mind”!



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  1. Tatiana Rauch February 4, 2019 at 1:44 am

    Thanks for reading my comment you guys are great! The Finale has so much I hope you still have more podcasts. As for the Avatar and Steven Universe comparison I bring it up mostly even for 2 vastly different shows they both had an dealt with the issue in non-violent ways Aang choose mercy and spared the fire lord life Steven Universe took a step further and had Steven choose to talk to White Diamond to change her mind both shows even though Steven Universe isn’t over they both made mercy and pacifism actual options that work and Aang and Steven are great counters against toxic masculinity (along with bow from She-ra) plus these 2 shows are the best american shows ever made.
    As for Pink/Rose I mention one of your podcast that she might have been a product of parental abuse and she was it doesn’t excuse the bad things she did even if she did it for a good cause but I still feel for her because I feel she was trying to better but she unintentional did harm to some of the gems around her just like the other diamonds did to her. This was an interesting take on the cycle of abuse
    Now for redemption arcs White Diamond is going to be interesting I don’t think she was really redeem cause how can you really redeem a being that can literally take over another person. Uncorrupting the corrupted gem was a step in the right direction I’m not against her trying to be better but how can you make sure that a person with that type of power doesn’t abuse it again. Jasper on the other hand I’m more hesitant because as awful and creepy white diamond is there isn’t a real life person (I hope) that her kind of power to literally take over another person taking away themselves their sense of self and controlling in the literal sense (Again I hope). Jasper has hurt Steven and Amethyst that’s typical bad guy stuff but she has and I don’t use this word lightly rape lapuis in their fusion she forcefully split apart Garnet and she fuse with a corrupted gem without consent to beat Smoky Quartz actually now that I think about since that gem she fused with is uncorrupted does that gem remember what Jasper did? Cause the minute Jasper was uncorrupted she was ready to kill Steven again. As a bisexual black woman I have some conflicting with the #metoo movement (mostly race based) but the show has brought the elements of the movement with Jasper and I feel they need to bring it up and whether or not someone like Japer should get redeem.
    A great podcast as always keep up the great work!


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