“Princes All”, “Royal We”, & “Eminent Threat” Recap – Young Justice: Outsiders

By: Madeline Potter


Andy Potter, Beatriz Mourad, & Jeff Anderson recap the first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders out now on DC Universe, “Princes All”, “Royal We”, & “Eminent Threat”.

Maddie is a trans woman geologist working in Denver. By night she podcasts on animated shows and plays DnD, sometimes all at once.



  1. TARDIS77 says:

    Fun fact! You’ve actually heard the voice of Halo before. Zehra Fazal (Halo) both Rizavi in Voltron (actually she’s one of many people who have worked on both Voltron and Young Justice https://www.imdb.com/search/name?roles=tt5580664,tt1641384 ) and Faraday in Craig of the Creek. And even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s pretty obvious from both the cast and crew’s Twitter that she’s gonna be part of the cast of She-Ra in future seasons.

  2. Rachel Bernatowicz says:

    I was expecting the dark tone, so it didn’t throw me off as much, and I also appreciated Miss Martian’s appearance change and how Artemis, Halo, and Black Lightning were integrated. But I do wish we could get more from the characters that we saw cameos of (especially new ones, like Spoiler, Batwoman, etc.), and am I the only one who thought it was weird that Artemis is now living with Roy? I guess it makes sense because he’s with her sister, but I thought they didn’t like each other very much? Why is she at his place? (also, where is Cheshire? I want to see her again too)

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