“Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors” Discussion

By: Beatriz Mourad


Beatriz Mourad and Andy Potter discuss the latest animated Marvel project, “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors.”

Quote of the Pod: “I am fluent in subtext.”

Beyond OVA, Beatriz Mourad is also a writer working on her first novel.


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  1. Tatiana Rauch says:

    Personally I enjoyed this movie though I thought it was just a bunch of 22 minute episodes combined together but overall I think this movie was fine even though it’s not perfect. I feel like the decision of making the characters more simple is the fact that outside the comics and some cameos in other shows and possibly being in the MCU in the future movies no one really knows any of these characters they only been around for few years besides comic book fans no one in the main stream knows them I’m pretty sure Disney is just testing to see how this goes as specials and if this gets to become a full series we’ll get more details about them outside of them being heroes and their friends and since they let America Chavez have her 2 moms I’m sure we’ll have Kamala lgbt friend eventually. As for the music I didn’t care for it but one of voice actors is a singer and she sings the theme overall I think this was a pretty enjoyable movie

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