March 2018 Episodes Recap – Steven Universe

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, Michelle Anderer, & Sam Quattro recap the March 26th episodes of Steven Universe (on the CN app), “Your Mother and Mine”, “The Big Show”, “Pool Hopping”, & “Letters to Lars”!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Mackenzie says:

    I. enjoyed these episodes in the a way I have not enjoyed in Steven in a long time 1.I disagree that your mother and mine is not a plot episode, because most of the stuff in the episode is stuff that been speculation, just like the new star episodes, it just nice for it to be some what conform. 2. Steven is FINELY talking to the gems about his powers.
    3. letters to lars was the best episode, it was really enjoyable, and bring boradie in to the plot rather then them just doing random one off things.These episodes was the the best use of the boradie episodes by using them to develop a main character or do entertaining things
    4. the improv part needs it new episode or short
    5. is Kevin party the new New Lars?
    their my thoughts, hope didn’t write to much

  2. raf giraffe says:

    reminder that pearl saying “on my CELLULAR PHONE!!” was the best moment of the bomb, objectively.

  3. Tatiana Rauch says:

    These were some nice episodes got some good character development. As for Garnet’s story I think it’s the start of the crystal gems image of perfect rose is gonna shattered it happened in rose’s scabbard and bismuth Rose did a lot of really bad things and didn’t tell them as Steven is finding out all this stuff about the war and the diamonds the gems are gonna find out and realize that Rose isn’t as perfect as they thought.
    Also I think Garnet was telling the based of 1. what she knows or what has been told to her & 2. what is her version of the truth. Rose clearly kept things from them also she did a lot for them so of course their not gonna mention the shady stuff Rose did that Rose told them.
    Also the whole Rose shattering Pink diamond my theory is Rose still shatter her not with her sword but with her shield my guess during the Pink and Rose’s battle Pink diamond did a powerful attack Rose used her shield to block it Pink’s power bounced back at her hit her and then shattered her. Rose’s shield is powerful enough to protect her Pearl and Garnet against 3 of the diamonds attack and we seen attacks bounced off the shield before so it’s possible. I do think the other diamonds did do something either it was intentionally or not they did contribute to Rose getting to Pink diamond and shattering her. At least that my 2 cents

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