“Let’s Watch the Pilot” to “OK Dendy” Recap – OK KO!

By: Alex Bonilla


Alex Bonilla, Michelle Anderer and Steve Zec discuss the latest four episodes of OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes!: “Let’s Watch the Pilot”, “Mystery Science Fair 201X”, “Lad and Logic” and “OK Dendy”.

Customer service and data cleanup guy for Sports-Reference, Alex finds solace in emotionally resonant television and bad puns. Also a member of the r/stevenuniverse moderation team.


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  1. Maurice Isaac says:

    The scenes in “Let’s Watch the Pilot” with the wacky dancing animations were an homage to Tiny Toon Adventures whenever they were animated by Kennedy Studios, who was known for their overly bouncy animation. Examples shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rYZGzEzivo

    Also, I felt Enid’s outfit in that episode was a reference to Chloe Price from Life is Strange since they’re both voiced by Ashly Burch.

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