“It’s Never Too Late to Change”: A Character Analysis on Terra

By: Josella Arriola


Wrap Up & Conclusion

“It’s your life, your choice. You’re in charge of your own fate. It’s never too late to change.” – Beast Boy

All her life, Terra has been running away from her problems hoping they’ll either disappear or that someone will fix them for her, whether it be Slade or the Titans. She doesn’t own up to her mistakes or take responsibility for them. All her life, her first impulse is to run away instead of standing her ground and fighting.

It would be easier to continue this pattern forever, but nothing good will come out of it. The moment of truth for Terra occurs when the dormant volcano becomes active again as a result of her powers and it poses a threat to Jump City and all its citizens. With this knowledge in mind, Terra has two options: A) Leave with Beast Boy immediately and have the volcano envelop the city and its citizens in burning lava. This incident will forever be in her conscience since she’s responsible for triggering the volcano in the first place. B) Say her final goodbye to Beast Boy and sacrifice herself for everybody else’s benefit, fully aware that she won’t be able to return. These are her two options.

Regardless of which option she chooses, she’ll have to deal with the consequences. Breaking away from her usual pattern, Terra choses to sacrifice herself to protect Jump City and everybody inside it from the destructive volcano.

Terra represents a beacon of hope signaling to others that you always have a chance to change your lifestyle if you’re unsatisfied with it. You don’t have to be stuck in the same old repetitive pattern for the rest of your life. “It’s never too late to change.” You have the power to change it.

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