The Loud House “Fed Up/Shell Shock” Review

By: Haaken Bailey


In the episode, “Fed Up”, the Loud kids, try to get their dad to order food instead of making another meal.This episode can be split into two halves. The first half is the kids sabotaging Lynn Sr.’s dinner meal so as to motivate him to buy a pizza. The second half is the kids having to make a meal as a means to prove to their parents that cooking isn’t that hard.

The first half is done pretty decently, as we get the set up where Lincoln almost ruins his dad’s meal, which, as Lynn Sr. says, would have led to him ordering a pizza. After that, we are given a montage of Lincoln and his sisters sabotaging Lynn Sr.’s next meal, dismantling every loophole Lynn Sr. finds in his hindrances. After Lynn Sr. and Rita find out what the kids had done with Lynn Sr.’s meal, the second half of the episode kicks in and they have to make the next meal, which ends up being so bad, it makes Rita vomit.

It’s not a bad episode (in fact, except for “No Such Luck”, there aren’t really any bad episodes in the show), but the story structure does feel weird. “Fed Up” feels like a mix between two types of episodes done in the show; the try to get away with something plot, a la “Cover Girls” and “Two Boys And A Baby”, and the try to prove something plot, a la “Undie Pressure” and “No Guts, No Glori”. Overall, I’d give it a C.

In the episode “Shell Shock”, Lincoln is paired up with Ronnie Anne for the class assignment of taking care of an egg, much to Lincoln’s fear, as Lincoln views Ronnie Anne as an aggressive person with whom the egg would most certainly be destroyed.

Now, before I get into the episode proper, I’d like to say that I’m glad that the writers waited until season two to make the “taking care of the egg” episode, as, if this were to have been made during season one, they would’ve most certainly made this an episode where Lincoln deals with his crazy siblings, a la “Linc Or Swim” or “Cereal Offender”. Again, not that these are bad episodes, but I don’t like that these episodes tend to reduce the sisters to chaotic forces that only seem to affect Lincoln in a negative light.

Back to the episode, while “Shell Shock” does have two of Lincoln’s sisters almost break Lincoln’s egg, the egg only surviving on account of it being Lincoln’s fake egg he intended to have Ronnie Anne go home with, it’s the two younger sisters, Lana and Lola, that WOULD actually be mindlessly destructive, instead of say, every single one them including Lincoln’s five older sisters, the self-composed Lucy, the smarter than everyone Lisa, and the inactive baby Lily.

I also like the message of Lincoln learning that there’s more to Ronnie Anne than meets the eye, with it turning out that Ronnie Anne is more than responsible enough to take care of the egg. Though the part near the end where Lincoln digs himself into the corner… just say “I thought you were too destructive, but I turned out wrong!” It’s easy to say! But oh well, I guess they had to break the egg. It wouldn’t be a “take care of an egg” episode without the main character breaking the egg. Overall, I’d give this episode a C-.

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