Top 10 Star vs. the Forces of Evil Episodes – Overly Animated Podcast #341

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Delaney Stovall give their Top 10 episodes of Star vs. the Forces of Evil!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Steve Zec says:

    Well great list my list

    10) Monsterarms
    9) Sleepover
    8) Gift Of The Cards
    7) Face The Music
    6) Starcrushed
    5) Storm The Castle
    4) Girls Day Out
    3) Into The Wand
    2) Running with Scissors
    1) Bon Bon The Birthday Clown

    Anyway great list guys.

  2. Alex says:

    My personal favorites list (before listening)

    10. Ludo in the Wild
    9. Spider in a Top Hat
    8. Page Turner
    7. Just Friends
    6. The Hard Way
    5. Face the Music
    4. Into the Wand
    3. Bon Bon the Birthday Clown
    2. Running With Scissors
    1. Storm the Castle

    Starcrushed would be no. 11, and the action sequence alone made it reeeeeally difficult for me to leave out. Other honorable mentions include Raid the Cave, Baby, Crystal Clear and The Bounce Lounge

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