Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 2 Finale – Overly Animated Podcast #331

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, and Michelle Anderer discuss the Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 2 finale episodes, “Face the Music” and “Starcrushed”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Marquise says:

    Okay thoughts before listening…
    (Sorry in advance for bad grammar or ranting)

    Face the music thoughts:
    -I’ll never get over how freaking cool and awesome Moon is, her armor(and fighting style)is so reminiscent of Classic magical girl anime because I swear she was based off of everything in madoka magica(dark secrets and plot twist basically)I also liked seeing this new “bad***” layer added to her character however I wonder if the new season will have her revert to the sorta overbearing prissy queen she was characterized to be due to them returning to Mewni and maybe having star “hide?”.Regardless I need a backstory episode of her being the “undaunted” ap stat
    -Star hanging out with Janna banana is cute af #Starnna
    -Seeing ludos mom with a black eye is sad…kinda, because I’m pretty sure it’s implied she’s neglectful and evil stuffz(Also what are his parents the king of?)
    -I really like the song…not just because of Patrick Stump either maybe.I like how it’s like split up into 3 segments:one being about star being awesome and sounding just like her;one being kinda dark and ominous talking about all the stuff that happened in the second half of the season essentially(I LOVE THE BASS IN THIS PART);Also starco…so perfectly awkward but kinda annoyingly forced imo

    Star Crushed thoughts:
    -Okay so this party is set up not very well…like who set it up and when?it’s almost summer?Since when?This ain’t gravity falls Daron.
    -Jarco is cute…I forgot how weird some characters got XD
    -Omg the bestgirlfrandsquad is like the best thing ever
    -Oscar is weird and annoying to me for some reason…idk his eyes, the cliche “oh I was oblivious she didn’t like me but now that she doesn’t I like her”…I thought they killed him off with the other high schoolers?!(Obvi not the J&J’s)
    -THIS FIGHT IS AWESOME MORE MOON BEING IN GOOD CINEMATOGRAPHY YASSS but imo them “killing?” off the commission and trying to make it emotional doesn’t work too well since we barely knew them…I mean I like them yeah sure but they should’ve gotten more episodes
    -Ludo/Toffee is confusing and weird

    Final thoughts:
    This was one of the best season finales of any show I’ve ever really seen and I applaude this show for reaching some serious heights and growth.I wonder how the 3rd and 4th season will develop and I’ve always envisioned SVTFOE being just super silly and weird and with some cool occasional plot episodes…will they cool it down with all the “filler” and go more plot heavy?Will this show be too dragged out in season 4?Will people ever see how obviously canon starco is and be quiet?Will Eclipsa be endgame?I don’t know but I’m ready to find out…in like 6 months 🙁

  2. Davon says:

    Oh and yes! the room disappearing really hit me in heart HARD

  3. Davon says:

    I really liked the finale, it was one of the few shows that I watch that had the main character go through an emotional climax for the finals instead of fighting some big bad villain.

    I really loved Moon in these two episodes. One of my biggest appeals to a character is if they are female and can kick butt just like anyone else. The fact that she was the only one out of the council that didn’t go down in one hit was really impressive. We really get a gauge where Star gets her raw power from, imagine if she had more training…. yikes she would be terrifying.

    I don’t know if it’s because I just start watching the show about a month ago and caught up by binging, so I don’t remember individual episodes but Jackie seems flat to me. Just one of the typical laid back “hipster” kids. Which is good for Marco since he’s kind of serious. But I think her real purpose is for him to have a another female friend beside Star. So for the eventual Starco, she would just be that friend he could lean on.

    Lofee’s ( Ludo and Toffee) power of draining life force/magical energy is really surprising. How does Tofee even know magic, because from what we seen from Ludo the only spell he knew was the levitation spell.

    The songs from the past two weeks have been excellent I hope they continue to be this good going into the next season.

    Overall really good finale, can’t wait for season 3 to see the Lofee plot come to head, and more importantly Starco finally happen?!?!

  4. Jordan D. says:

    I loved the season finale, like a lot. I was so happy to see the Starco confession, I mean this is literally how teens react to things and its great. Also I may have missed it, but no one commented on the ending silence. Star wasn’t singing her song it was just silent and it’s so sad, especially after everything that just happened. On the other hand I think SVTFOE might pull a RWBY, or won’t get Star and Marco back until mid season.

  5. Steve says:

    Was Moon going to confront Ludo by herself in “Face The Music” or was she going to tell the High Magic Commission about what is going on, because giving what happened and how Lekmet sacrificed himself to save her, if she went alone, she would probably be dead. So that royal song saved her life.

  6. Steve says:

    Well as I said in the email, I think there is a possibility that Marco and the other citizens of Echo Creeks memories of Star would be gone. And before Marco can go Mewni, he needs to get his memories back. Why would that happen? Star wants Marco to live a happy life and not worry about her and put himself in danger.

    I hope of everything in my email you mention what I said about Janna, her hugging Star was an important moment for her character, it shows she does care, and something we have yet to see up to this point.

    Get rid of the High School setting? No that means no Janna, don’t take away my Janna. If we have a time skip and start the new school years perhaps in that time Fergasion and Alanso have moved away, and if we are really lucky so has Oscar.

    And like said in the email, hopefully this love triangle is handled better that the love triangle in Legend Of Korra.

  7. Miracle Liang says:

    Explosive finale!!!
    Thank God season 3 is already in production.

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