Taking Control (RWBY) – Overly Animated Podcast #315

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Delaney Stovall discuss Chapter 11 of Volume 4 of RWBY, “Taking Control”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. MrBabynova says:

    I think as a whole, this volume was poorly done and written, but well animated. If its one consistent improvement on the show, its the animation and the set design and the actual professionalism of the show – like oh my god the characters don’t actually burn my eyes with BRIGHT improvement – but overall it was iffy. I do agree that this is build up, but at the same time, its build up in bite size pieces, and with each build up scene there is also an episode structure, and if you string all the episodes together to portray a four episode format then its basically every four minutes there’s a splurge of information and emotion, before jumpcutting to random set up, then back to random splurge of information and emotion. Even in the long haul theory, this is still bad build up.

    As always I’m not a fan of shipping culture, but at the same time I can understand the annoyance. Also, I probably cringed the most with what Sun said, but at the same time I actually liked it, because I have used those exact same words before to comfort people – which is my proudest achievement to struggle through.

    Also, oh mah gawd another Winter fan! *Jumps for Joy*

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      Definitely agree that despite being overall the worst (pending the finale) and not written great, production-wise and especially the animation are better than ever.

  2. Peter Coghill says:

    I think you’re very tough saying nothing interesting has happened at all this season. Less stuff than we would like happened but I enjoyed watching every episode.

    The trouble with SILVER eyes is if Ruby can control zapping Grimm then they have trouble with fights in the future.

    I think there is a big chance of a cliff-hanger ending, something you didn’t discuss.

    I still think Jaunne is due for marytrdom.

  3. gurrenprime says:

    Plot points in order:
    I like that Salem is actually a good boss to her underlings. Yes, she still hasn’t done anything scary, but offing a high ranking officer after one failure is a good way to run out of good helpers. As for Cinder possibly getting a redemption arc: look, I’ve seen Naruto Uzumaki forgive the man directly responsible for murdering his parents. Nothing they do with Cinder will be as bad as that imo.
    Yang: of course she’s going after Ruby, and not Raven. Why was that even a question?
    Weiss: high-heels = +2 stealth apparently. Really not interested in the Ironwood subplot right now. Plus, I think one of the writers confirmed that Penny’s gone for good, removing the only relevance he’d have to me anyway.
    Blake: I am loving her decision at the end. And while I am not a Black Sun shipper, I do think it’s handled better than the other romances so far, so I probably won’t complain too much.
    Ruby: my thought is that she might try using Silver Eyes, but fail for some reason, and Qrow will get up through the power of familial love and save RNJR in a heroic sacrifice allowing them to escape.
    I agree on your death watch.

    • gurrenprime says:

      Wait, just realized something that makes a bit more sense than Qrow sacrificing himself for an escape: Qrow still sacrifices himself, but that causes Ruby to go Silver Eyes again, saving the day.

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