Shiro’s Escape & Greening the Cube (Voltron: Legendary Defender) – Overly Animated Podcast #308

By: Justin Cummings


Justin Cummings, Delaney Stovall, and Jeff Anderson discuss the 3rd & 4th episodes of Season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, “Shiro’s Escape” and “Greening the Cube”.

I'm currently studying Communication at Lynchburg College with an emphasis in Electronic Media and a double minor in business and gender studies. I've been a huge fan of animation since I was little and thus have very eclectic tastes. Outside of animation I love Survivor, comic books, and a whole treasure trove of other things.



  1. Steve says:

    Well the Goralla are not inherently evil, glad to here that, if they were, it would be so boring.

    I had a feeling something was off with the king, saying “please don’t hurt me”, very selfish for a leader to say in that situation. So yup called it.

  2. Max says:

    Mindy Sterling (Lin for Korra) voices The lady Olkari. And Keith has had that knife since the first episode’ but this is the first time we have seen the symbol.

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