Total Drama Review Week 42: Super Hero-Id

By: Justin Cummings


There goes another great competitor. We’re down to just six, it’s quite the interesting bunch. Duncan and Lindsey both made it to the merge last season, but Harold, Beth, Courtney, and Justin all were eliminated before that point. It’s really nice to see these people getting a chance at the money and to shine. On the flip side, it is sad to see Leshawna go. She took it very well though, not being upset or mad at anyone. She knew her time was limited ever since everyone found out what she said on the spa trip. She had earned forgiveness, and was eliminated not out of anger, but because she’s a threat. She recognized that, which is why I think she was okay going home. She didn’t hold anything against Harold, and gave him a great pep talk before going. Besides this wonderful moment, the episode was pretty good.

First off, I’m a huge superhero fan as many of you know. I adore superhero movies, and so seeing everyone create their own identities, which is something I would love, was really cool. Lumber Woman and Timber Man were rather lame, although I thought Beth talking to plants was adorable, and I’m glad they kept that joke going. The All Seeing Eye might be my favorite, purely for how little he cared. He tried anything to get out of the challenge, and Chef being unable to sabotage him was hilarious. Captain Alberta was pretty cool, but the farting was kind of lame. Human Cricket was the most legitimately threatening, and was rather fitting for Courtney. Super Aqua Chick throwing the water at Chris might be one of my favorite gags of the episode.

Finally though, we have Wonder Woman. The sheer fact that Lindsey didn’t know any of Wonder Woman’s powers, but knew she had an invisible jet, was very amusing to a comic nerd. I never noticed until now all of the stars were changed to maple leaves, which I thought was a nice touch. Chris geeking out over Wonder Woman was both creepy and hilarious, and just continues how many challenges Lindsey has won.

All in all, it’s a good episode, but not the best. I give it a 8.0/10. See you all next week for “Aftermath 3: O-win or Lose.”

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