Total Drama Review Week 39: Million Bucks BC

By: Justin Cummings


This was a fun episode. I’ll admit it didn’t have the biggest stakes, but it did have a lot of good character moments, slapstick humor, and tons of references. I want to start this review a little differently though, and cover a glaring issue, and that’s the cavepeople costumes.

The fact that the two females who weren’t stick thin were the only ones in the one piece costumes seems quite sexist. As much as I usually give this show the benefit of the doubt, this time I have to object. Had they at least picked the outfits themselves it would have been fine, but each person seemed to have been given one, with one clearly being for Leshawna. It was rather lazy design, and although the show has never been the most feminist product, this just felt offensive. It doesn’t take away my love of this show, but it does kind of take away from this episode to me.

Moving on to the rest of the episode though, it’s rather good. I love Chris turning Courtney’s rules against her, by making sure that the cast feels upset by it, which her lawyers can’t help her with. Heather’s obsession with hair seems out of the blue, but I like it, as it’s something new for Heather. The challenges themselves are also rather fun, with tons of cavemen references. At least two The Flintstones references were dropped, with the ribs at the end being my favorite. We also get a wonderful Mr. Coconut cameo, which I know will make Michelle happy.

This was just a fun episode, and a good look at Duncan and Courtney. I can only give it an 8/10 due to the big issues with the costumes. Besides that, it’s great. I really do like this episode for the most part, and it starts my favorite run of the season. I’ll see you all next week for “Million Dollar Babies.”

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