Total Drama Review Week 36: Full Metal Drama

By: Justin Cummings


This is one of my favorite episodes of the season, by far. To me, this is the point where the season takes a massive upswing and becomes my favorite. Last episode was good as well, but now that we’re really seeing Duncan and Harold step up, and Lindsey leading her team, it truly stands apart from last season.

Let’s start with the Gaffers. Leshawna constantly accepting Chef’s smoothies was hilarious, and very much in character for her. I’m surprised she actually enjoyed them, but then again they could actually be good for all we know. She desperately wants her team to trust her again, but her fart storm doesn’t seem to be helping. It’s a good thing Leshawna did upset her whole team though, as Heather has now become the quietest member of the team. No one really seems to give her much mind, and she’s no threat. It’s good for her game, and a big part of why she’s still around.

Harold and Duncan finally seem to start getting along, which helps set the tone for the season. I love their tumultuous friendship, especially as Duncan slowly accepts that Harold has some strengths. The moment when they see the empty trunk is still one of my favorites in the season.

The Grips on the other hand, seem to fall apart. Lindsey and Beth make a great pair, but Justin is losing focus, Owen is weak, and Izzy is just nuts, and now gone. The Grips have been behind all season, and it’s a miracle they’re still here.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10, and only one or two episodes in this season beat it to me. See you all next week for another aftermath.

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