Total Drama Review Week 34: One Flu Over the Cuckoos/Sand Witch Project

By: Justin Cummings


First off, I’m so sorry everyone for missing last week. Things were crazy and I was writing a bevy of papers. So to make up for it, I’m covering not one, but two whole episodes! First off, the reward challenge. I love the way the entire cadaver challenge was a ploy, and that ultimately it didn’t even matter. It would have been neat to see some payoff, but the complete 180 the episode took was worth it. The dynamic of Leshawna, Duncan, and Harold was extremely interesting, and the alliance could be worth it. The only real character development besides Leshawna at the end is simply the return of Izzy.

Izzy is absolutely crazy, but she was rather enjoyable in this episode. You all know that I adore her to begin with though, so I’m biased. There really is not much to say about this episode, so let’s move on to the immunity. I adore horror movies, so this was right up my alley; young Justin actually first learned what a squib was by this episode. Lindsey taking charge though was the highlight.

Lindsey has been one of my favorites for a long time, but this episode she finally took the lead. She might have gone a bit overboard, but she at least stood up for herself, and honestly helped her team a lot, especially with the Beth situation. She has proven that this really is her season.

Finally though, let’s talk about DJ. It was hard to see the teddy bear go, but he really took charge of his life, and you can’t really blame him. He’s one of the most genuine people in the show, and just couldn’t deal with the lies. He still has his integrity, and that’s more important than any money.

We’re a bit of a lull in the season, but we’re nearing a rise. I give episode 8 a 6/10 and episode 9 a 7/10. See you all next week for “Masters of Disasters.”

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