Bon Bon the Birthday Clown (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) – Overly Animated Podcast #280

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Delaney Stovall discuss the mid-season finale of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”!

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Steve says:

    I am thinking we are probably going to get the cliche double date episode, in which Marco and Jackie go on a double date with Star. Now the question who will Star’s date be.

    A) Tom
    B) Oskur
    C) Other

    While I don’t really care for Tom, I hope it is not Tom because if it is knowing how he feels about Star, for Star to use him like that would be too cruel, and while I am not Tom’s biggest fan, even he deserves better than that.

    As for Oskur, I could see Marco be the good friend, seeing Star down in the dumps, and the fact he got a date with his crush would want to share that joy with Star and setup a date with Star and as far as Marco know her crush.

    As for other possibilities, what other guys are there left, Alonso, Ferguason, ill no thanks, the exchange student guy, no. Probably have to introduce a new character for this if you are not using Tom or Oskur.

    • Jordan D. says:

      Or maybe they would have Star spying on Marco and Jackie while hanging out with Jannah. And they tail them with ridiculous costumes….

  2. Zane says:

    I think the most interesting part of this episode is what Glosaryk (?) said to Ludo: “My lady.” Of course it’s taken as a throw away joke but theyve been focusing on Eclipsa for a while now and we know Ludo is getting orders from someone inside the wand. So, going off the theory that Toffey may have been the child of Eclipsa, he could have been serving her will to bring her back into power. Thus why he made Star break the wand in the first place.

    TL:DR Eclipsa is the big baddie and everything is playing into her hands.

  3. Jordan D. says:

    Quick question, on the season 2 cover art Star has a wand with a heart on it. However, throughout the season we have continously seen her with the half star wand. I haven’t found any theories so….

    Ludo has part of the wand so maybe Glosaryk (sp?) has some connection and has to teach someone with the wand. Also I think that Toffee may get the book. I mean we had the theory that Toffee was behind Ludo’s schemes without him knowing. I also think Marco is useless/unhelpful throughout the episode because it’s his fault Ludo got the wand. (Once again listening and typing, but nice Ludo impression)

    Throughout the episode the moon was pretty full, so was the blood moon a figment of Marco’s imagination? The seesaw was the crystal seesaw. (The frogs name is Buff frog wixhuwxhuebxuebe don’t know the impossible last name)

    I think Day of Black Sun was still better because of the Zuko arc. As much as I love Starco I don’t think we’re getting the Kattaang kiss from seasn 3. In terms of Avatar people I think Ludo would be the Zuko and might have his redemption arc. I also think Toffee is the Ozai where we think Zuko was independent and then there is the Azula moment. All in all I really liked this episode.

  4. Steve says:

    What I want to upcoming episodes, is see other emotions from Janna, like show empathy and guilt, I love Janna but one of her flaws, she never apologies for anything she does, and let’s face it the reason Star is in this mess is partly her fault for pushing Star into this Bon Bon resurrection. Also you can blame Marco and Jackie for showing up and messing with Star’s head just as she was about to beat Ludo.

    I am glad the three of them saved Star, but they all partly to blame. LOL

    And like I said in my email, Star, Marco, Janna, Jackie, we have 4, we just need one more, and we have magical girl team. Magical girls and Power Rangers, Voltron, they normally come in 5, we just need one more, maybe Ponyhead? Or maybe not?

  5. Steve says:

    I am not saying this episode is as good as Day Of Black Sun, just when you list the great mid season finales, it belongs on the list. I think Ocean Gem / Mirror Gem is a better comparison, because it is a big game changer episode for the series.

    You know what really gets on my nerves, people lumping the new Powerpuff Girls with Teen Titans Go, I just saw this video by Cartoon Universe and normally they are very good, but they were doing this video about reboots and they just lump in PPG with TTG and the Ben 10 reboot like it is nothing. The new PPG does have a story arc with Silico.

  6. Steve says:

    Upon re watching the episode a second time when you notice things you didn’t the first time, there was lots of rats and bugs in earlier scenes like in the school and the graveyard, and Marco complained there was rat in the vent, so yes Ludo was spying with the help of his animal helpers. But still I don’t know if Ludo is smart enough to do even this ambush without outside help to guide him, he is that dumb.

    If Toffee doesn’t kill Ludo, you know who could, the ghost of Eclipsa. They have mentioned Eclipsa too many times in recent episodes for her not to appear at some point, she is coming back, it has to happen.

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