Total Drama Review Week 31: 3:10 to Crazytown

By: Justin Cummings


So apparently this episode is also called “Wacky, Wild West?” I’m not sure in what countries, but that kept popping up online, so there’s your fun fact. The reason for that is probably due to the title reference not being understood everywhere. Full disclosure: I love this genre. Westerns are just so much fun, who wouldn’t enjoy them? I realize though, that the genre is somewhat older, so having Chris be the only one excited about it, just like with the surfer flick, made a lot of sense. It’s part of what I love about this season: Chris nerding out about movies, while no one else has a clue about what’s going on.

So let’s start with the challenge before we discuss all the Trent stuff, and oh is there a lot of it. The horse challenge felt a bit silly, but I did still enjoy it. I’m kind of tired of seeing our contestants jump off stuff all the time though. It’s like whenever they can’t think of a good challenge, that’s their default. Personally, although the water gun gag with Owen was fun, I would have liked to see the quickdraw showdown. There was a lot of room for some fun trope stuff that would have added to the feel of the episode. The final challenge, well it was just great. The cows getting revenge was pretty awesome, and the whole thing felt similar to the paintball challenge from last season.

Okay, so Trent. Part of me thinks the whole crazy angle was rushed and shouldn’t have happened. Another part is really glad it did. We know we won’t be having the Gwen and Trent power couple run the game, and now the Grips are truly an underdog team. Even with Owen, the team is clearly outmatched. That’s why I love making Justin the villain. He now has the edge over Gwen, and is playing the game brilliantly. Already we see him beginning to take over as team leader. Poor Gwen, but wow he was smart. Justin is smarter than most give him credit for, and this episode shows that in spades. I’m sad that it was at the expense of Trent’s credibility, but I think the overall direction of the season is worth that sacrifice. Trent gets redeemed a bit later, but this episode really was the nail in the coffin for him.

So we’re down to ten. Gwen, Duncan, DJ, Heather, Leshawna, and Harold for the Gaffers, who have worked together surprisingly well. While Lindsey, Beth, Owen, and Justin are all that remain for the Grips. The setup for episode seven is certainly interesting, and leaves many options. The reason I say seven and not six, is that we’re getting something special next week. Every six episodes, we’ll be getting the aftermath. I’ll leave most of what that is for you all to find out, but I think you’ll enjoy it, and we’ll continue the game in two weeks.

So I give this episode a 6.5/10, as it’s not awful, but it’s rather forgettable if not for Justin and Trent. We’re heading into some really great episodes, and I’m excited to cover them. As a side note, if you haven’t yet, make sure to listen to the podcast Michelle and I did on season one, and you’ll see our next podcast mid-December on the first half of this season. See you all next week for the next review!

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