Jasper 2 (Steven Universe Roundtable #17) – Overly Animated Podcast #264

By: Justin Cummings


Justin Cummings and Michelle Anderer take another look at Japser after the events of Summer of Steven.

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  1. Steve says:

    Finally a nice fair discussion on Jasper, all your points on Jasper are spot on, and fair.

    She is not a good person, but she is not the monster everyone thinks she is.

    I thought all along Amethyst and Jasper were going to have this arc every since “Too Far” it was obvious something was going to happen.

    Well Jasper every fight alongside us? Yeah why not, she doesn’t have to be a Crystal Gem to be our friend, Lapis is not a Crystal Gem and I don’t think she every will be either, but we made it work.

    The more I see like in the latest mini episodes and preview clip for “Gem Harvest” of Lapis and Peridot being hilarious to learning about the Earth, the more I want Jasper to do the same and make peace with us, so we can do some funny stuff with her learning about her.

    Fingers crossed but I think “Tiger Philanthorpists could be about Jasper.

    Some people have theorized the moment just before she become corrupted when she was yelling about Steven and when Steven thought her diamond she was talking about was Yellow Diamond, that is the moment Jasper finally realized Steven is not Rose.

    What I think will happen after we uncorrupt Jasper, is Jasper go into a depression, not that I want that, but for story purposes, it would be a way to teach people about depression, and maybe get to a point is going to ask to be shattered. And than Steven responds “What happened to Jaspers never give up” from “Crack the Whip”.

    And maybe finding out Peridot is who defeated, maybe Jasper will learn power is not absolute like she thinks it is.

    Great podcast guys. I was at NYCC, I do wish Kimberly Brocks was there, it was the big con debut for the voice actress of Lapis and Peridot, be awesome to see all three of them together.

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