Total Drama Review Week 27: Monster Cash

By: Justin Cummings


We’re back! Season two of Total Drama starts right now! I’m hype, you’re hype, we’re all hype, granted this aired years ago, but hype! This episode begins my favorite season, even though many don’t like it. I’ll admit, on my first watch I was let down, but on rewatches I fell in love.

The first thing to know about this season is only every other episode will have an elimination; the other half will be rewards. It takes a few episodes to settle into this pattern, but once it does it becomes very predictable. The next thing is that the small cast might be to the season’s detriment. There are only fourteen castmates, and even with one major twist, the cast starts to wear out their welcome a tad. I feel the season would work so much better as thirteen hour long episodes instead of twenty-six half hours. The last downside to this season is having Gwen, Heather, Owen, Duncan and the like get even more spotlight, while others like Noah, Cody and Tyler aren’t even here.

On the plus side though, we do get more of Justin, Harold, Beth, Lindsey, and others who develop more as characters. We get to see more plot between eliminations, and of course, the genres. Every episode being based off movie genres is still the best theme I think the show has done, and even when they start running out, an idea the show makes fun of itself, it stays fun and interesting. Starting with the monster movie? They had me hooked!

Already this season is making Justin into its antagonist, and it was a super smart idea. This is the only season where the antagonist is a returning character: maybe All-Stars is an exception, but we’ll see. Lindsey and Beth are tight, Gwen has her group together, Owen is Owen, and Heather’s on her own. The stage is set for another incredible season.

As far as openers go this isn’t too bad, I give it a 7.8/10. I’ll see you all next week for “Alien Ressur-eggtion.”

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