Total Drama Review Week 19: Wawanakwa Gone Wild

By: Justin Cummings


I was dreading having to review this episode. This season, especially in the latter part, I’ve adored Izzy. She was such a fun character to have around, and she kept things fun and interesting. If she had to go though, at least she went out in a blaze of glory. We’re really at a point now where we can spend a good amount of time with each character, and this episode we got to see their thoughts on winning. Looking back, this show did a good job at not making the winner seem too obvious.

Duncan teaming up with Heather was unexpected, but it does make sense. Although Duncan’s not villainous, he’s not Mr. Nice Guy either, and Heather would have no one else to turn to. He played things very smart, and apart from getting stuck cleaning, it seems to be going well for him. Apart from them, there are no real alliances, and no one has any real enemies. I know Heather said that about Leshawna, but who is really against Gwen, Owen, or Geoff?

The slapstick in this episode was great, with all the animal scenes hitting the mark, with Owen as the highlight. His monologues are always fun, but this was the best one yet. Izzy and her gun was brilliant, and poor Gwen and the road runner duck was a nice little reference. My biggest complaint, speaking of Gwen, is shouldn’t she have had immunity? I could be wrong, and it’s not a huge deal, just a bit odd. Either way, she’s safe.

We’re down to just six now: the party boy, the goth girl, the queen bee, the troublemaker, the loud guy, and the tough girl. Honestly, who would have pictured these six as the last ones standing? It’s been a crazy twenty episodes, and now we’re six episodes away from our winner. I’ll give this episode a 5/10, due to it being funny, but rather forgettable. I’ll see you all next week for “Trouble by Tri-Armed Triathlon.”

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