Crack the Whip (Steven Universe) – Overly Animated Podcast #222

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, and Sam Quattro discuss the August 2nd episode of Steven Universe, “Crack the Whip”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Steve says:

    I think “Bubbled” which sounds like a happy go lucky episode, Steven gets trapped in a bubble, hilarity insues, first of all we already did that plot in “Bubble Buddies” so we just going to do it without Connie, I don’t think so.

    What I think what happens, Jasper captures Steven and tries to get him to turn into Rose so they can have their fight that wants so badly. In the episode Steven and Jasper well finally have a real conversation, which I think desperately has to happen for Jasper to become more of a character, and not be so one note, that is when she will find out Steven is not Rose.

  2. akp13 says:

    So when I first watched the episode I was just really upset for Amethyst, but the second time around all I could focus on was the absurdity of Jasper. It’s not just that she came to beach city to be completely nonthreatening, it’s that she came there specifically to gloat to “Rose” about amassing an army. Like what was the plan beyond that? Genuinely I think that the plan was to show up,gloat,and then slink back into the ocean. There couldn’t be any other plan.

    On a more serious note: my heart hurt for Amethyst. Absurdity of Jasper in this episode aside, the things she said clearly hit her in a personal place. I’m hoping they resolve this soon, I desperately want Amethyst to be happy with herself. That’s all I’ve wanted for her and I’m glad we’re finally really digging into it with the upcoming arc.

    Great podcast! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      Thanks! Yeah, not sure what Jasper wants (she says an army, but i dunno), but maybe she just is in a bad spot and doesn’t know what she wants. And yeah ;; amy

  3. Alex says:

    A. According to , parrots and possibly elephants are the only animals who are capable of dancing in the sense of making movement to a beat. However, a bunch of species have courtship rituals that look like dance to human eyes, so unless Jasper were able to find a corrupted gem that thinks it’s a peacock, “fusing with corrupted gems” seems unlikely.

    B. Flip-flops are cool, but your toes do need to get used to them. Also, they are for beachside only, where you shouldn’t have the need to run. If you plan on volleyball or some strenous beach activity, I dunno why you wouldn’t just use sandals. But just for strolling along and suntanning, flip-flops are the way to go.

    C. Oh, and this episode was cool by the way. Can’t wait to see the Amethyst/Jasper arcs develop. Hopefully your analysis of the Beta synopsis is correct so we can also get some updates on the Lapis-Peridot dynamic. So hyped.

  4. Steve says:

    So Jasper is Ludo, with her animal sidekicks. Jasper and Ludo are doing the same thing.

  5. Steve says:

    Off topic you guys should check out today’s episode of Teen Titans Go, I know you guys are big fans of Survivor, today’s episode did a Survivor parody.

  6. Steve says:

    I said before this is a Jasper chase arc, similar to the Peridot arc we had in season 2, but one thing I forgot about that arc, in thar arc we got a lot of character development from Pearl and a little bit from Garnet, but mostly Pearl. I feel in this arc, it is Amethyst who is going to get that development that Pearl got in that Peridot chase arc.

    Before I saw this episode, I was thinking how this arc should end, and this episode made me think of this every more, in I think it would be great way to end this arc is if Jasper just gives up after so many defeats, and poofs herself. I kind of want that.

    This episode does feel like the first episode in which Jasper is written as a complete character, and not just a villain character. Now I am starting to see the complexity that Crewverse there was to her. I am excited about that.

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      Still don’t think we’re getting a full Jasper redemption, her poofing herself is interesting. I think Jasper is still pretty one-note, but she’s getting there I guess.

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