Too Short to Ride (Steven Universe) – Overly Animated Podcast #210

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, and Sam Quattro discuss the new episode of Steven Universe on July 20, “Too Short to Ride”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Taylor says:

    Good idea not having Justin on this one to avoid sentai references when Peridot makes her velcro tablet thing.

  2. Steve says:

    This is an alternative universe, the gems were here way before humans, so yes the gems are common knowledge. The government has to bow down to them, look how mayor Dewey acted in “Political Powers”, so the government they have no power over the gems.

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      Eh, I don’t think we have proof from the series that humans outside of Beach City have a good concept of the gems or even know about them.

  3. theBSDude says:

    If she watched Ladybug, Peridot would ship Alex and Kim.

  4. Steve says:

    I don’t know about love triangle, but I could see a Amethyst vs Lapis episode, it seems to me Amethyst has become some what protective of Peridot, and if she sees Lapis bully Peridot or seemingly bully Peridot, oh it is on.

    • akp13 says:

      I’m half joking when I say love triangle. I do think there will be some butting of heads over Peridot between the two if Lapis is still not very friendly with Peridot the next time we cut to them at the barn. Amethyst is at about the same place Steven is with Peridot in terms of wanting her to feel welcome and happy and accepted, so she might react the same way Steven did at Lapis and get upset. But unlike Steven, Lapis isn’t Amethyst’s friend. So they but heads and we get an episode(s) that can be resolved with those two being better friends. At this point it’d be a good way to start integrating Lapis with the main gems. That’s how I’d go about it anyway.

      Now whether there’s any overtly/subtle romantic feelings tied up in this feud is the toss up here. I’m on the same end as you in that I think the butting of heads, if it ever happens, will probably happen because of how Lapis is treating Peridot at the moment. But more than any other show I’ve ever seen, the potential for a legitimate romantic love triangle between 3 girls is a possibility. And I can see it going either way if they want to have a relationship spring from that. So I don’t want to count that option out.

  5. akp13 says:

    Peridot is more Magneto than Toph since Toph controls the earth in the metal and can’t control pure metal. Also Peridot seems to have more of a magnetic thing going on. When will she get her cape and helmet? From my geology research Peridotite has a very particular magnetic field around it so it makes sense. Someone on tumblr.hell also pointed out that Peridot might have been unconsciously controlling the metal fingers on her arm enhancements before. But we have no idea how those things even worked so it’s a mystery.

    I liked this episode slightly more than the last one, just because I felt more fulfilled. Maybe I was expecting a bit too much last episode, I just felt it should’ve been a bit longer even though it was so so good. And I got Amethyst stuff in this episode, which I didn’t expect and I really loved. I only expected Peridot shenanigans. I think going forward Amethyst development will focus on her being temperamental and her toning it down a bit. Her going to throw the tablet in the ocean was not cool, but much like Lapis crushing the recorder it was understandable from the other perspective. Amethyst opened up, we don’t see her having ‘real talk’ very often and it’s very significant that she opened up like that in order to try and make Peridot understand that she (and the others) like her for her and Peridot refused to respond. So she jumped straight to ‘the tablet is the problem throw it away and she’ll understand’ mindset and tried to remove the problem. Very rash actions but it wasn’t malicious, very Amethyst, and very understandable. It all worked out in the end so hooray! but I think in the future they’ll address this more. Or I’d hope they do because it won’t always work out with hidden powers.

    All aboard for the Amethyst/Peridot/Lapis love triangle right? It’s totally happening. What Team are you on? I’m firmly Team #HappyLapis and that Boat she laughs on. For now anyway. I see potential either way and it could all be cute romantic/platonic/whatever but my priority is individual development for everyone.

    And Amethyst calls her P-Pod. I think that’s the 5th nickname Amethyst has given her it’s really great.

  6. Steve says:

    I loved this episode, more Peridot thank yes please. I love the Shorty Squad.

    I am very sure one of person following Peridot is Ronaldo.

    I thought for a moment Amethyst was going to come clean with what happened with the limb enhancers, but I liked what they did anyway, and Peridot is a metal bender.

  7. Roy says:

    Amethyst seeing through the BS of Peridot ‘s anti-shapeshifting stance was great.

    I’ve never won a ring toss at Funland but I have won whack a mole on several occasions. I also managed to win the toss a wiffleball in cup thing and one where you flip a rubber frog onto a lilly pad with a catapult.

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