Total Drama Review Week 16: Hide and be Sneaky

By: Justin Cummings


This was an all-around good episode. It did a great job of really ushering in this next act of the season, and it wasn’t until this watch through of the season that I really saw how great this episode was. As you know, for the last few weeks, I’ve been super high on Bridgette. I never realized just how well they developed her character, and how fitting this exit was for her. No one was ever going to vote Bridgette out because they didn’t like her, it had to be because she was so nice. Heather wouldn’t have tried to vote her out yet because she knew the guys were united, so it had to be the guys. Although Bridgette leaving was sad, you can’t really blame the guys. It was a smart move, and now none of the guys have love interests, although Izzy seems to be crushing on Owen. Bridgette turned into one of my favorite characters, and it’s definitely sad to see her go, but we’re hitting that inevitable point in the season where all your favorites have to be eliminated.

This episode also gets us over the hump of ten people. From the end of episode thirteen up until now, we’ve had ten or more people in the game. Those few episodes between then and now just seem to stall. Finally though, we’re down to nine people. What I’ve always found interesting is that although the game focuses so much on the gender balance, look at the team ratio. With Bridgette gone, we’re down to six Screaming Gophers and three Killer Bass. What if they had formed a team alliance instead of a gender based one? This whole game could have entirely different.

The biggest shock of the episode to me though, is how great Lindsey is here. After all this time we start seeing her question Heather. She actually has some good suggestions here, such as each turning in one of the guys. In fact, in a Pinky and the Brain level irony, Lindsey is smarter than Heather. Heather should be trying to keep Lindsey around as an extra vote, and giving her immunity at no cost to yourself is a great way to do that. Lindsey is finally getting it together, which makes me very happy. She’s not a genius by any standard, but she’s a good person, and smarter than people give her credit for.

The last person I have to mention though is Izzy. Her shadowing Chef is still one of my favorite scenes of the entire series. Bringing her back was one of the show’s smartest moves, and this episode shows just how much her zany antics bring to the show.

That brings me to the end of this week’s review, and I give “Hide and be Sneaky” a 9/10. Join me next week for “That’s off the Chain,” and make sure to watch the Canadian version, just trust me.

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