Kung Food (Miraculous Ladybug) – Overly Animated Podcast #132

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and  Delaney Stovall discuss episode 14 of Miraculous Ladybug, “Kung Food”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. John aka Resender aka Johnny Bravo says:

    In French “Hawkmoth” is called “Le Papillon”, which means the butterfly.
    I don’t think he’s tiny as the butterflies he uses as akumas are about the size of his hand.
    And we know that the akumas are at least the size of Ladybug’s jojo.
    The design of Hawkmoth/Papillon is based on Fantômas,the entagonist of the French film with the same name.
    (Although Fantômas is also a series of light novels).

    “Chat Noir” ls French for “Black Cat” and is clearly inspired by the gentlemen catburglars,I believe cat’s anoying personna might be an overcompensation
    of Adrien’s otherwise reserved character.
    I like the cat noir fro the original 2d animation better as the appearance changes a lot more.

    As far as I understand the characters Marinette is half-French,half-Chinese. (The show was animated in Korea so that might have fed the confussion.)
    The croissant are a reference to the fact that Marinette parents own a bakery which apperantly has the best pasteries/bread in Paris.
    A small gag in Marinette faamily name: Dupain-Cheng (Dupain can be roughly translated to “off bread”)

    I started with the English versions of MLB,but wanted to see if the French made more sense story wise.
    But since I can understand French and like the voices better I kept watching those.
    I have seen all but 2 episodes,but no spoilers,I already had that issue with my friends who also were watching the English.

    As far as production,this is not a nick show, it’s produced by an independent company in France,so nick has no saying in it’s potential cancellation
    (Season 2 & 3 have been confirmed)
    From interviews with that company, both in French and English they wanted to create a super hero character aiemed at a young female demografic.
    They also have a toy-line deal with Bandai.
    Season 1 seem to be more like a test to see how well the show would work,I hope we get more overarching stories in the following seasons.

    A funny French note,in France MLB is broadcasted on TFOU, which is the phonetic prononciation of “tu est fou”, meaning you are mad.(or “are you mad” if it were a question)
    Lastly I’m not from France,I’m from the dutch speaking part of Belgium, but we learn French from elementary upwards.

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      Thanks for the comments John! Yeah the Papillion thing is interesting, I didn’t know he wasn’t Hawk Moth in the original so it caught me off guard. Yeah, the croissant thing was prob cause the bakery but it was still funny to me. And yes Nick couldn’t cancel it but they could in theory just stop airing the dub. I also hope for more overarching plots from season 2 and seems like we might get that? Hopefully.

  2. RozenMaiden7 says:

    I really like your podcast. 🙂
    Also, do you have a email?

  3. Change says:

    Hello, so I have listened to your podcast since The Pharaoh, don’t know how many episodes ago and i thought now would be a good time to comment.
    So from here on out the French dub has a super weird release dates that somehow don’t go in order, but that’s no surprise. Animan, should be the next episode you watch since watching it after The Gamer is awkward. Or maybe it’s just me.
    I’ll just right down what I would think would be a good watching order.
    1)Animan-I actaully would think this goes in the like episode 7 but there are also some things that makes me think no. It’s confusing.
    2)Numeric- this would have also been in the first 13 episodes as well
    3)La Marrionetiste-Mostly due to it not being after any of the other episodes but SPOILER i can’t talk about
    4)Le Gamer
    7)Guitar Villian
    9)Princess Fragrance
    11)Origins Pt.1 & 2

    Just an opinion

    About the Crossiant thing Alya does text her about croissants, but remeber that Mari does work at a bakery so it’s possible.
    Chat VS Cat-I prefer to write Chat Noir (Shah Nur{Possible way for prunonciation) but Cat Noir is easier to say
    Papillon means ‘Butterlfy’ in french and a villain named Butterfly in English wouldn’t be so scary as Hawkmoth.
    Let’s be true here it’s going to get crazier Delaney, beware
    Ship names-
    Marinette and Adrien-Adrientte
    Ladybug and Chat Noir-Ladynoir
    Marinette and Chat Noir-Marichat
    Ladybug and Adrien-Ladrien

    Weird Miraculous fan that listens to you guys to see how people react to this show. You guys are really funny, even if you don’t find. At one point I was you guys, but now at the end of the season, I don’t want to spoil you guys.
    Hehehe, okay bye

    • Dylan Hysen says:

      Thanks so much for all the feedback, info, and for listening! I’ll look into that order.. not sure if we should cover it in the optimal order for us watching, or if we should cover in the order it aired in France… I’ll think about it.

      • Change says:

        Oh and one mroe thing about Marinette she is
        half-Chinese-half French.
        She isn’t Korean

        • Dylan Hysen says:

          Yeah someone just said that in the youtube comments. I really thought she was half Korean, not entirely sure why.. apologies for getting that wrong.

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