Amphibia Top 10 Episodes

By: Dylan Hysen


It’s part 2 of our Owl House & Amphibia Top 10 Episodes extravaganza! We rank each of our Top 10 Amphibia episodes of all time.

Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen, Michelle Anderer, & Alex Bonilla.

Our lists (Spoilers!):

Michelle’s Amphibia Top 10:
1) The Hardest Thing
2) Hopping Mall
3) True Colors
4) Battle of the Bands
5) The Domino Effect
6) Anne-sterminator
7) Lost in Newtopia
8) Reunion
9) Prison Break/Toad Tax
10) Stakeout
Honorable Mentions: Anne Theft Auto, Taking Charge, Snow Day, Wally & Anne, Family Fishing Trip, The Plantars Check-in, Bessie & Microangelo

Alex’s Amphibia Top 10:
1. The Hardest Thing
2. True Colors
3. All In
4. Contagi-Anne
5. Reunion
6. Sprig vs. Hop Pop
7. Toad Tax
8. The Beginning of the End
9. Prison Break
10. Marcy at the Gates
Honorable mentions: Hopping Mall, The Core and the King, The First Temple, Escape to Amphibia, Anne or Beast

Dylan’s Amphibia Top 10:
1) The Hardest Thing
2) All In
3) The Core & The King
4) True Colors
5) Reunion
6) Escape to Amphibia
7) Fight at the Museum
8) Barrel’s Warhammer
9) Temple Frogs
10) Snow Day
Honorable Mentions: Marcy at the Gates, Wax Museum

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.


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