“Snow Day” & “Why So Blue” Recap – Steven Universe Future

By: Sam Quattro


Join as Sam Quattro, Sarah Potter, Sarah Dolman, and Michelle Anderer discuss the newest episodes of Steven Universe Future, “Snow Day” and “Why So Blue”.

Sam is a soul inhabiting a body, among other things.


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  1. Steve Zec says:

    Snow Day

    A good episode which showcases how everyone has grown and changed. The main focus is on how Steven has changed, and I get it. but for me the highlight was Pearl was shapshifting, you what a big deal that is for her character.

    The message is if you want your old Steven the early seasons, you are not going to get him, he is dead.

    Why So Blue

    Another episode showing how other gems are reacting to the change to the universe. We meet these two Lapises, and as was watching it, I was thinking the thing that separates our Lapis from the others, is the whole being trapped in a mirror all this time. I wonder what our Lapis would be like if it wasn’t for that, would she be like these Lapises?

    And does remind me of the season premiere, like Jasper before them, these Lapises respect violence and that was the only way to get through. And we got at least one of them to enroll at the school, I wonder if we ever see her again, interesting to see her interact with the other students.

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