“Elder Wisdom” Recap – Young Justice: Outsiders

By: Madeline Potter


Sarah Potter, Dylan Hysen, & Ally Martin recap Episode 19 of Young Justice: Outsiders “Elder Wisdom”.

Maddie is a trans woman geologist working in Denver. By night she podcasts on animated shows and plays DnD, sometimes all at once.


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  1. notovny says:

    When I watched this episode, and saw that the Outsiders a) weren’t training, and B) were apparently going out half-strength against Doctor Ivo, my first thought was “Holy crap, people are going to die.”

    Luckily, it was League Subterfuge. But the deadly problem remains:The Outsiders don’t /know/ that they’re not as good as they think they are. Beast Boy has spent years as an actor, and not as a Superhero. And since the League is (apparently) keeping their softballs secret from the Outsiders, and Luthor presumably knows that a fix is in on at least some of the Outsider activity… The stage is probably set for a Light operative of some kind to spill the secret to Garfield, or for them to set a trap that looks exactly like the types of missions the Outsiders have been going on so far.

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