Mid-Season Finale Recap – Young Justice: Outsiders

By: Justin Cummings


Justin Cummings, Beatriz Mourad, Brit Falcon, & Andy Potter recap Episodes 10-13 of Young Justice: Outsiders, “Exceptional Human Beings”, “Another Freak”, “Nightmare Monkeys”, & “True Heroes”.

I'm currently studying Communication at Lynchburg College with an emphasis in Electronic Media and a double minor in business and gender studies. I've been a huge fan of animation since I was little and thus have very eclectic tastes. Outside of animation I love Survivor, comic books, and a whole treasure trove of other things.



  1. Rafaela Carrilho says:

    I just wanna say Beatriz killed me with her rants about Lobo and the whole “Prince-Violet-Victor” theory. I couldn’t stop laughing! Hahaha

  2. notovny says:

    Lobo’s severed pinky isn’t rotting. This show is not going to miss a chance to use any character that’s been on the comic book Young Justice team. We’re getting Lil’ Lobo.

    I’d also thought Dr. Jace was going to die from the blast she took from Cyborg in that episode. With that and the hair collection, I’m pretty suspicious of her at this point. Crack speculation: She’s another Savage Sibling.

    I’m astonished nobody at the lab contacted the Justice League when the piece of Apokoliptan Technology they were left caused an explosion. Green Lantern:”So, Dr. Stone, what did you learn from the Father Box we left you?” Silas Stone: “Um…funny story about that…”

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