“Change Your Mind” Recap – Steven Universe

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen, Michelle Anderer, Justin Cummings, & Alex Bonilla recap the huge Season 5 finale of Steven Universe, “Change Your Mind”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Nina says:

    What are your thoughts on Pink/Rose now that we’ve gotten more perspective?

    While this obviously doesn’t excuse her reckless and harmful actions, I’m much more sympathetic now that this episode has highlighted how suffocating and toxic her situation was.

  2. I love the finale so much! It’s safe to say this is the best SU episode ever made.
    I see a lot of people with concerns about what is next for the show, and I have some ideas:
    The Diamonds are going to change things in Homeworld. It can’t stay the same! Maybe this changes will not please all Gems? Maybe the High Rank ones, might not like the ones that affect them.
    The healed Gems on Earth are different from others, and might face some prejudice once they get in contact with the “perfect” ones.
    Also the Diamonds have to find ways of creating new Gems without destroying the organic life and the planets.
    Jasper needs to process everything and fix her relationship with others like Lapis, Steven, Amethyst, Peridot…
    White Diamond talked a lot about what she was supposed to be, sounding like she was told to be this way. We need to know more about her origins. And last, maybe a brand new threat? Powerful beings threading life on Earth or Homeworld?
    These are just a few I came up, but I’m sure we came up with new plots. The world building for this show opens a lot of possibilities.

  3. Tatiana Rauch says:

    Personally I love this finale and what I love about it the most it makes pacifism an actual option I always believe that for any conflict people should at least try talking it out peacefully before escalating since most people won’t try or see it as an option this finale made it look like an option that can work.
    Also on a tangent because I feel I have to defend last airbender everyone told Aang he had to kill the firelord but Aang found a more peaceful and humane solution by taking his powers and putting him jail for that show that was the most peaceful solution it wasn’t just throwing him away tangent over.
    Plus I’m still curious about the diamonds past relationship because Blue said in familiar that all the diamonds used to hang out in blue’s pool area laughing and having fun implying White didn’t always repress her feelings until Pink left both yellow and blue said hasn’t left her head when pink left so the white we’ve seen hasn’t always been like that.
    As for the series going forward I want to see how the uncorrupted gems trying to fit in the human society is there gonna be a conflict between Jasper and Lapis since Jasper is back is there going to be an issue between Lapis and Bismuth if Lapis finds out that the Bismuth that poofed her was the our Bismuth not to mention the the zumans chest in lion,
    famethyst, the bubbled Rose Quartzes. The biggest thing I want to see is that the other planets/aliens wanting justice since the Diamonds were colonizing their planets I feel like the Diamonds got off too easy they need to really make an attempt to correct what they did and a party on the beach isn’t going to fix that but uncorrupting the gems is a step in the right direction.
    Lastly more of the other fusions! More pink pearl! Just more everything I can’t wait for the movie and everything else!

  4. Steve Zec says:

    Not all loose ends are tied up, we forgotten about the Ruby’s. The Ruby’s going to be our season 6 main villains, they don’t know the war is over and they are too stubborn to listen to reason.

    I am looking forward to Peridot finally fusing, I am hoping that happens in season 6.

    Pink Steven is really scary even White Diamond is scared of her. Speaking of White Diamond is she an off color, were all those off color gems part of her court?

    Blue Diamond had some under rated funny lines, “which room should we go to?” is so random and out of no where, makes it hilarious.

    I love the idea that Sadie was kind of a god among the Off Color crew.

    With all these new gems, we are going to need a new bigger temple, as for the farm maybe they used that material to build a bigger temple, sorry cousin Bob.

    Anyway great episode, if it ended here I be happy, but I am glad we are getting more, with a new movie.

  5. Robert Zheng says:

    I’m going to lose sleep over this show

    • Robert Zheng says:

      Can’t wait for the new save the light sequel with EVERY SINGLE CRYSTAL GEM and bismuth and lapis gameplay. Or maybe it’ll play more like the ok K.O. game. And also WHAT ABOUT THE PEBBLES? And pink pearl she’ll be super confused and might be super pissed at the world after finding out so much happened and then she wakes up. And also jasper. And mystery girl. And reconstruction of society. And emerald. And morganite. And mr frowny. And suitcase Sam. And the onion gang. And watermelon society. And other aliens. And topaz and other home world gems and more.

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