Top 25 Star Butterfly Outfits

By: Michael Smith


Here I’ll be ranking the Top 25 best outfits worn by one Star Butterfly over the course of the entirety of Star vs. the Forces of Evil (as of the end of Season 3). Now some of you may be asking “Why 25, isn’t that like most of them? Why not just rank every outfit?” and to that I say who cares, most online ranking systems are entirely arbitrary and inherently meaningless unless you happen you agree with the point of view of the author and there’s really no basis for me making this article a Top 25 vs a Top 10 or whatever other than the fact that I just felt like it. Having said all that, this article is objectively correct and scientifically accurate and under no circumstances up to debate in any way, shape, or form by the varied masses who might be reading this… unless of course you’re some kind of professional fashion designer who disagrees with these choices, in which case, fair enough.

Outfits are ranked mostly in order of how well they fit with Star’s overall aesthetic and get bonus points for originality and general wow factor, but mostly they’re just ordered by how much I like them which, again, is an entirely accurate rating system. Butterfly form is not ranked here due to it being more an actual transformation than a change in outfits.

Special thanks to the Star Wikia for providing screenshots of every episode as well as a list of outfits. Spoilers for all of Season 3 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil! Now onto the list!

25) Funeral Dress (Rest in Pudding)

Although appropriate for the occasion, an all black dress most definitely does not match the Star Butterfly aesthetic. The flowers and braided headband is a nice touch though as a replacement for the devil horns and the overall hairstyle helps it just make the list.





24) Swimsuit (Royal Pain)

It’s a swimsuit, but the floral bandanna is what lets this make the list. The star is a nice touch but I’m unclear if it’s some kind of tie or button or what and probably would work better as a print on the suit. Sea green is a nice color to match Star’s eyes, and as we will see throughout the list, blues and greens tend to dominate her color palette which puts it slightly ahead of the funeral dress. Otherwise fairly unremarkable.



23) Bunny Pajamas (Stump Day)

Look this is basically a kigurumi, but it’s very cute, matches the overall festive atmosphere, and pink bunnies are very on brand for Star. Another outfit that accomplishes what it sets out to do but is otherwise not very memorable.




22) Blue Moon Nightgown (The Other Exchange Student)

Simple and efficient, striped blue socks, blue nightgown, lavender eye mask. This outfit is mostly hampered by its lack of flair and originality. Nothing about it really makes it stand out from the nightwear of an average person from Earth.





21) Halloween Costume (Hungry Larry)

Star almost sells this outfit better than Ludo does. The tail is a nice addition but she really should have asked Janna for some of her Zombie makeup. The dichotomy between the outfit and Star’s normal appearance is a little weird.





20) Queen Gown (Mewnipendance Day)

This dress has maximum poofyness, It’s clearly designed to resemble Moon’s normal Queen outfit but like really extra. I mean look, when you have the fashion sense of one Star Butterfly you can pull off pretty much anything and this one gets a few points for the heart-shaped hair but it’s kind of more of a visual gag than an actual outfit. Also I really don’t like that tiara.



19) Wayward Princess Disguise (St. Olga’s Reform School For Wayward Princesses)

The first of three rebel/punk outfits, clearly designed to be an ostentatious, standout, wayward princess disguise. Individually all the pieces work but combined I’m not so certain. The grey horns are a nice touch but the eye-patch seems a little too plain and could use some more flair.




18) Rebel Princess (Mr. Candle Cares)

Star’s most recent attempt at a rebellious style. Overall the clothes and color scheme work pretty well together and this outfit fulfills its purpose as a prototypical ‘You don’t know me Mom!’ type of look. The makeup is what throws it off for me and portrays how kind of ‘last minute thrown together’ this one is. With a little more time and thought this one could go places.




17) Punk Flashback (Freeze Day)

The third punk outfit, but the first chronologically. This one really succeeds where the other two fail, it basically resembles Star’s normal style but just slightly edgier: two horned boots instead of the usual one, a more pointed angular skirt instead of the usual rounded curves, and a popped collar biker jacket over a typical Star shirt. The shades, band-aid, and bubble gum really just completes the whole persona.



16) Royal Event Dress (Face the Music)

Now this royal dress is much more reasonable than the last one, the muted color scheme lends itself well to being presentable as does the size of the dress, although the hair style is still kind of ridiculous.





15) Silver Bell Ball Gown (Club Snubbed) 

The second ball gown chronologically, I still think blue is a more natural fit for Star but honestly the first ball gown is much better. This one is just too formal; it certainly fits with a royal ball but it’s just not entirely natural. I’m not sold on the twin buns or the overall color scheme. I do like the heart tiara more than the normal tiara though.



14) Sailor Dress (Lava Lake Beach)

AKA the sailor senshi outfit. Star vs. has some roots in Sailor Moon and this outfit is clearly a callback to those series of anime, plus it also works pretty well as date wear. I actually think pink fits the background more than blue in this case. I don’t think the horns work for this particular outfit unfortunately.



13) Dino Dress (Booth Buddies)

A very cute dress perfect for if you’re a cast member on The Flintstones, or for attending a wedding I guess. I like it although nothing about it really stands out. Gets some points for being in a Starco episode.





12) Mushroom Dress (Ponymonium)

The most recent casual dress. Although it’s called Mushroom Dress because of the headband, the whole thing does kind of remind me of a mushroom. The headband and wing shoes elevate this slightly above the Dino dress.



11) Edgar Dress (Party with a Pony)

Apparently the bear is named Edgar. You really can’t go wrong with green on green in terms of dress and stockings. Honestly most of the casual wear is very close in terms of quality so these are all kind of ranked by how well I like the boots and the animal print. In this case the bear is cute but the boots look a little too rubbery for my tastes. The spike bracelet puts this slightly ahead of the Mushroom dress.



10) Spider Dress (My New Wand)

I’m not certain if purple and dark green is normally supposed to match but this one makes it work, I like the spider more than Edgar the bear and it’s more on brand with Star’s spells anyways. The star boots are slightly better than the bunny boots I guess but I don’t like their color scheme that much.




9) Octopus Dress (Star Comes To Earth)

The first casual dress chronologically and possibly the most memorable, this one has the first pair of boots I really like, although I like their variant color a little better. The octopus print and star handbag are also very cute.

8) Festive Overcoat (Stump Day)

The festive version of the Octopus Dress. Red and green are always a classic for winter time and no differences here. Bonus points for the hat also having horns. The extra touches put it slightly above the normal Octopus Dress.




7) Birthday Party Dress (Brittney’s Party)

Appropriately ostentatious for a rich girl’s birthday party, it all fits together nicely though I’m not sure if it’s the right style for dancing in, depends on the music choices I guess. I like the boots though, they’re kind of like an alternate version of the Octo boots but I prefer this shade over the originals.




6) Cloudy Dress (Monster Arm)

This one really comes together nicely, all of the colors work together and the horns even match the straps, the fur boots are a little plain compared to the previous ones but I think they fit the outfit better overall. The cloudy handbag is clearly superior the star handbag.





5) Royal Princess (Star Comes To Earth)

Honestly I think this royal dress is the best one, it combines the colors and hearts of the Queen Gown with the sensibility of the Event Dress and tops it off with a hair style that doesn’t cross the line into unbelievable. If Star were ever added to the Disney Princess line they would probably use this dress, which is of course what holds back from being truly great or original. That and I really just don’t like that tiara.



4) Narwhal Dress (Scent of a Hoodie) 

The best casual attire combines the best attributes of all the previous outfits: the color scheme fits, the narwhal print reflects Star’s typical spell choices, and the horns are colored to match the boots. The boots are great, purple cat boots combine my favorite animal with my favorite color and I’m all about it.




3) Battle Armor (School Spirit)

I’m honestly surprised this one never came back given the number of situations in which battle armor would prove useful. It actually shares a number of similarities with the Punk Flashback outfit, just militarized. I think the wand works better with this one than the Huntress outfit, although this one could use the war braids of that outfit. Overall slightly less elaborate than the Huntress and therefore a slightly lower ranking.

2) Huntress (The Bogbeast of Boggabah)

This outfit is the whole package, the braids, the fox neckline, the skull bracer… everything works. Honestly the wand-bow is the only thing that really stands out, it’s really more ‘magic princess bow’ than ‘monster hunter bow’. Other than that, what’s mostly annoying about this outfit is the lack of good screenshots involving it, but that’s the episode’s fault not the outfit. I actually like this shade of red much more than some of the previous shades.

1) Blood Moon Ballgown (Blood Moon Ball)

The first ball gown chronologically. We go all in on the heart theme even down to the bow ties. Very elegant, very Star. It matches the overall reddish hues of the Blood Moon, the horns are a more natural fit over the tiara, and I kind of just prefer the single bun in back to the twin buns of the last one. Also it’s the original Starco dress. This one is really kind of perfect all in all and deserves it’s place as #1.

Michael is a CSCI graduate who currently does freelance work when he's not ranking things, writing articles, or overthinking his D&D character. He enjoys cats, cooking, and space in no particular order.



  1. Celia Hum says:

    I think that the mushroom outfit was her best outfit of all! love it. 3

  2. Star Butterfly says:

    I really like the first dress,it’s so cute and interesting!

  3. Helga says:

    Thanks for this list! <3

  4. R. June says:

    The sailor sensei outfit that ties in to the sailor moon roots is actually for ChibiUsa (as Sailor Chibi Moon) sailor moon’s daughter, who actually has red eyes. But close enough.

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  6. Josieeee says:

    Tbh blood moon ball dress is my least favorite about of all of these. *shrug*

  7. Shelby says:

    Can you find a clearer picture of the boggbeast like from the front view.

  8. AvaD says:

    I like the could one the best amd the blood moon ball 2nd

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