“Jedi Night” to “A World Between Worlds” Recap – Star Wars Rebels

By: Beatriz Mourad


Beatriz Mourad and Andy Potter discuss the latest four episodes of “Star Wars Rebels.”


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  1. Peter February 28, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    I enjoyed the podcast thanks. A couple of points:
    I too have no idea how it will end. Except that somehow Ezra will apply the advice to find the most important point and do what needs to be done. I am afraid for him as he did the classic I wish my life could have been different, I wish I could have seen my parents again.

    I am not as high on Thrawn as a villain as you guys. I sort of liked the minister better this episode in a strange way. I was a little ho hum about the start of S4 but it definitely loaded up for the finale.

    I think Ahsoka is out of it for now – this is about the Ghost crew and Ezra. We know about Hera, Sabine has done her thing with Mandalore, Zeb who cares? This is about Lothal and Ezra. Ahsoka is only important to this story in that she helped Ezra see his part and saved him from the Emperor.

    I know you complained about the Force driving the action. I thought it was pretty clear it was the will of Kanan driving them towards the temple and what happened. It was nearly explicitly said he was still influencing things to this point.


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