The Lumpy Space Podcast, Ep. 3 – “Prisoners of Love”

By: Alex Bonilla


Alex Bonilla and Sam Quattro continue our new podcast series, “The Lumpy Space Podcast”! This podcast is dedicated to rewatching the entirety of the fabled Cartoon Network series Adventure Time from the very beginning. Our third installment covers the episode “Prisoners of Love”. We talk early Ice King and the consequences of peeing one’s pants, among other topics.

Customer service and data cleanup guy for Sports-Reference, Alex finds solace in emotionally resonant television and bad puns. Also a member of the r/stevenuniverse moderation team.


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  1. Christopher says:

    First of all, thank you for this podcast, it’s a great initiative. I don’t understand though why you would review the episodes almost like if it’s the first time you watch them, which seems counterproductive. I would appreciate a little more analysis like, taking a step back and linking what occurs in the episode with the rest of the series. Here for instance, you barely mention the Ice King’s backstory… Although the fact that he is so desperate to form a band and write a song resonates a lot for me with the episode in which he plays with Marceline, his memories resurfacing through it… That’s the kind of stuff that takes a whole new meaning on a rewatch, and the whole point of having it, no? Just sayin’

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