Animation DnD Pilot – Avatar: The Last Airbender

By: Dylan Hysen


Andy Potter leads Dylan Hysen, Justin Cummings, Hayley Nabuurs, and Brit Griffin on an adventure through a small Earth Kingdom Town in a ‘Dungeons and Dragons-lite in an animation world’ pilot podcast.

The Party:

Torik – Dylan

  • From: Northern Water Tribe. Waterbender- proficient but not master
  • Skills: Building ice sculptures, expert knowledge of NWT fauna, good at calculating exact angles, expert DM for Avatar world’s version of DnD: plays with other nerds of NWT cause they have nothing to do there; unironically asks “can I roll for initiative?” irl. I guess he can heal.
  • Flaws: Inexperienced at combat bending, cautious, kinda cowardly. Hasn’t seen much of the world.
  • Male 21, glasses, scrawny. Ice wolf from new Star Wars trailer animal companion, I guess it’s a porcupine wolf, named Choko. Had it since parents found it in Northern ice cave when expanding the city. Parents are waterbender architects, helped build the NWT. Most of his bending knowledge comes from building with ice and not fighting.
  • Never ventured outside of the NWT before. Trained as an ice architect to work for his parents company. Sent to whenever we are in the Earth Kingdom to apprentice with an Earth builder and help build ice structures there.

Dante – Justin

Dante is a firebender from the Earth kingdom. He is 20 and the son of a Earth kingdom woman and fire nation soldier, who after the war, settled down together in true love. His mother, Irma, is a chef, and as such he is classically trained in Earth kingdom cuisine, and is a literary scholar, due to his father’s love of books. He especially enjoys studying children’s stories from all the nations. He rarely uses his bending now after accidentally destroying one of his favorite books when he was younger. He can’t help but stop and read a story if he sees one, which can lead to him being late everywhere. He is also sensitive about his mixed nation heritage, and can get very defensive when confronted about it. He is an only child, and despite being rather smart, is bad in social situations that don’t involve cooking or books. He currently cooks for a small tavern, hoping to learn more about local lore. He typically tries to stay out of combat, and his hand to hand skills are rather weak. His bending is decent, but he rarely uses it. He can only perform basic fire techniques. His biggest regret about not bending is not learning to wield lightning, as one of his favorite stories is about lightning bending. He has short black hair, and piercing green eyes. His skin is olive and he wears very plain clothing, along with a fire nation amulet given to him by his father.

Thea – Hayley

  • (pronounced Thay-a) Female, 24. From the Water Tribe and I can bend water
  • Skills: I have healing abilities and know a lot about medicinal plants around the world. I’m great at making a fire and can cook decently well. I’m comfortable around animals. I hunted in the south with my family and while travelling. I’m not afraid of the dark because of the long nights in the south. Not very extroverted, but I can be brave especially when someone needs my help.
  • Flaws: I’m not experienced in much physical combat. Can be a bit of a loner, hence my solo travel. I still distrust Fire Nation people because of the War. I don’t like the heat and deserts scare me.
  • Appearance: I have icy blue eyes, caramel coloured skin, and brown wavy hair that is shoulder length and normally with the top half pulled back. While in the Earth Kingdom I’m wearing a blue halter top and blue skirt down to my mid calves decorated in Water Tribe embroidery. I also carry two cross-body strapped bags with water, plants, and supplies.
  • Backstory: I was born in the Southern Water Tribe as it was starting to grow following ATLA. Back home I have my parents and a grandmother, and it was my mother and grandmother who taught me how to bend. I recently decided to leave home alone to explore the world now that there is peace and I’m planning to meet with my aunt and cousins in the Northern Water Tribe when I eventually reach there. There I hope to learn more about water bending and healing since the South is still recovering from the War. As I travel I have been using my healing abilities to make money and to help people as I pass through. I have been spending the last couple days in this Earth Kingdom town healing locals and am know to them as someone who can help if someone is hurt or ill.

Kei – Brit

  • Age: 19 Ht: 5ft 10in Wt: 150
  • Appearance: built like pro volleyball player, long medium brown hair, brown eyes, fan cast: Bae Yoo-na (Korean volleyball player)
  • Skills: waterbending, fighting, knowledge of plants, basic healing abilities, very strong swimmer, good at sneaking, fishing, hunting with a spear
  • Background: Member of Foggy Swamp Tribe, middle of 5 children, left home about two months ago to go on adventures and stuff
  • Personality: blunt, adventurous, friendly, not particularly worldly, but eager to learn, and has some what loose moral scruples
  • Favorite color: green Favorite food: dragonbeefly stew

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.


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