Tiger Philanthropist (Steven Universe) – Overly Animated Podcast #332

By: Dylan Hysen


Dylan Hysen and Sam Quattro discuss the March 3rd episode of Steven Universe, “Tiger Philanthropist”.

Dylan is a software developer from the DC area who hosts the Overly Animated podcast discussing everything animation.



  1. Steve says:

    How we getting a Powerpuff Girls podcast this week or not, I know it is only one episode, but it was a two part episode, so it is kind of is two episodes. Though center on Donny, it is like if “Rocknaldo” was a half hour episode.

  2. Steve says:

    I agree with you guys, Lars was right this was the sequel no one asked for. I am with Amethyst I am ready to move on, I thought we moved on from this long ago.

    Nothing happened in this episode that couldn’t happen off screen, or in the comics. This would have been a great comic book episode.

    Well in the end Tiger and Puma did the right thing and did the job, and that is what you are suppose when you have the titles and you retire or leave the promotion.

    This episode was okay, the one thing that really bothered was Lars did not know Steven is Tiger. I am not a fan of secret identity trope.

    And who thinks it is a good idea for their date to be a wrestling show, yeah it is fun, but not very romantic. If this is Lars idea, he is no better than the guy that took his lady friend to the karate show in Star vs the Forces of Evil episode “All Belts Are Off”.

    I am glad Amethyst has shown her growth, I wonder what is Steven and Amethyst new thing going to be.

  3. Alex says:

    (Sorry Michelle about last week, please forgive me.)

    This was an interesting episode for me. Like you guys, i have no connection to the wrestling, and the action scenes did nothing for me. However, in terms of character development, I enjoyed the feeling of closing the door on Steven and Amethyst’s self-worth arcs. You guys touched on Amethyst no longer feeling the need to prove herself, but Steven also went through this, still needing to please everyone at the beginning, but by the end feeling confident enough in himself to just do what felt right to him. This closes the anxiety Steven has been feeling about taking leadership across S3, and even as recently as Storm in the Room. All in all, I found this episode quite comforting to watch, even if not all the jokes landed.

    As for the direction of the show, I also found it funny that some people on r/Stevenuniverse were pointing to a parallel between Lars/Ronaldo and the fandom in recent times. In Rocknaldo, he was essentially telling Steven how to do his own job, and Steven got annoyed with it, but eventually was able to cultivate trust by Ronaldo for his judgment. And as for Lars, he was unhappy with the direction Tiger’s character took, but when Steven asked what he was expecting, he was unsure. And Steven did his best to please, but in the end did what made himself happy, not his audience.

    It’s an odd meta-commentary of sorts that one could extract from this stretch of episodes, particularly if you take into account that 9-12 months ago (i.e. when they begin storyboarding), the Cluster arc had aired and people were annoyed by how that was tied up so quickly after being hyped up for a lot of S2. So maybe this is just a signal to us that the crew will not bow to public opinion and will just take whatever direction they feel is right, like Steven did in this episode. Frankly, they’ve done enough for me to forgive this recent lull and trust in whatever they decide to do with the show, and I am still excited for an upcoming Ruby/Lion episode pair.

  4. Giovanni Orellana says:

    I wish Amethyst would go back to her black shirt. She looked more badass wearing it.

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