Total Drama Review Week 45: Rock and Rule & Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

By: Justin Cummings


And we’re back after an off week. Today I’ll be covering two episodes, with most of the emphasis going to the first one.

Let’s get right into Rock and Rule. Right off the bat, everyone’s favorite big ol’ goofball is back: Owen. A lot of people in the fandom hate this episode, especially for the return of Owen. Personally, I like Owen, but I tend to agree he shouldn’t have come back. We had a final five of Harold, Lindsey, Courtney, Beth, and Duncan, two of which made the merge last season, but at least Lindsey was eliminated early in the post-merge. Now though, Lindsey has been kicked off and replaced by Owen, the winner. So now we have two final four members from last season, which to me and a lot of people, takes away from what makes this season special. Owen is fine, but Lindsey was riding the biggest wave of her career.

Besides all this, it’s not a bad episode. It has a fun challenge, and even with Owen returning, it would have been great, if not for Lindsey voting herself off.  That truly discredited the entire episode.

The next episode is much better overall, even if it’s not as important to the season. The boys vs. girls plot is a throwback to last season’s final four challenge, with Owen just chilling on the sideline sabotaging.  Finally we get Duncan and Harold growing closer together, which is something we’ve been slowly getting over the season. We’re nearing the end, and this was an episode to bring out the best in our true four contestants, because let’s be real Owen doesn’t count. It’s a great episode, especially the final scene with Leshawna Jr.

I give “Rock and Rule’ a 6/10 while “Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen” gets a 9/10. See you all next week.

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