Feedback for Three Gems and a Baby (Steven Universe) – Overly Animated Podcast #284

By: Justin Cummings


Justin Cummings and Dylan Hysen take your questions and comments on the latest episode of Steven Universe, “Three Gems and a Baby”.

I'm currently studying Communication at Lynchburg College with an emphasis in Electronic Media and a double minor in business and gender studies. I've been a huge fan of animation since I was little and thus have very eclectic tastes. Outside of animation I love Survivor, comic books, and a whole treasure trove of other things.



  1. Wait, you guys held a podcast on Avatar and Korra? And it started all the way back in 2007?

    Great, something else I need to catch up on.

  2. SleepyButtons says:

    Dylan’s laughs give me life

  3. Steve says:

    So speaking of babysitters, you all agree with me that Jamie was Sour Cream’s schedule babysitter, having a funeral for a hamster, very mellow dramatic thing to do, very Jamie thing to do.

    So surf shop girl was Steven’s babysitter? Well it makes sense she was very freaked out about Alexandra, so she might have a gem phobia. That would be a good episode, someone with fear of gems, and try to help them deal with it, I think that would be a good Peridot centric episode. A Peridot / surf shop girl episode.

  4. Alex says:

    My theorizing was a rousing success! Although now I’m worried the show will somehow tie Mystery Girl into Steven’s history (I prefer the idea of Pearl opening up to a random person with no knowledge of the Universes). Shirt Shop Girl!

    As to roundtable subjects, I’m hoping one of them is the oft-mentioned definitive song rankings. Thanks for reading my feedback to your feedback which read my original feedback!

  5. Mouse says:

    If you’re really that concerned about not having enough comments, you could always read the Bee Movie script until the other host(s) beg you to stop.

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